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    Just imagine if the free video calls are curtailed and stopped on Whatsapp ?

    Ever since the Whatsapp social media handle came to existence, it is used extensively by all who wants to have video calling and talk hours together without bothering about the bill. Because the Whatsapp has enabled free video calling and most of the people living outside India are widely using it and there by giving run for money to the telephone operators whose facility are not used at all. Now imagine the situation if the whatsapp calls are curtailed and stopped, what would happen. Will you still have the same type of conversations for hours together ?
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    Earlier many are using Skype for these video calls. They are also free calls only and people may start using more of that programme for video calls instead of WhatsApp. Meanwhile, some other development will take place and people get the advantage of that App. Once the habit has come leaving it is not easy. Even other long distance calls are also not very costly these days. So I don't think people will stop talking if WhatsApp stops its Video Call facility. There may be some other Apps which are not so famous these days. Necessity is the mother of Invention. So people try to get some or other App and continue their talk but will not stop.
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