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    Why not give more incentives for bio-gas manufacture?

    Bio-gas is now the center of attraction. One understands that a lot of waste can be converted into bio-gas energy. If this is the case, why not start a huge number of units within a ten kilometer radius and offer huge incentives for such manufacture?

    Already solar energy is now a huge source of power. The Modi Government has pushed for this form of energy, thus reducing the pollution. Along with wind energy this is a huge form of renewable energy. Why not do the same for bio-gas manufacture.

    Since I do not know the technical details, expert Members who know the technology so well, please share their views.
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    The biogas plant will use all kinds of organic waste like livestock manure and organic industrial waste. The dry solid in livestock manure contains carbon. Biogas, a compound of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) is produced from this carbon available in the manure.
    The manure and waste are mixed and heated to 38-52°C, This mixture is pumped into the digester in which the biogas is produced. The fermented slurry can subsequently be used as crop fertilizer. This fertilizer has improved qualities such as fewer odour and significant reduction of greenhouse gasses.
    These days many plants are coming and small-scale production is already going on. The biogas can be used for the production of electricity and also can be used as fuel for transport vehicles. Slowly the concept is developing and in the coming years, we may see many such plants.

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    Organic waste is the feedstock for biogas and already there are many small scale plants operating in the country.

    Unfortunately it has not been selected as the thrust area by the Govt but there are many small local NGOs who are taking a lot of interest in this area.

    The main hurdle and delay is in segregating the organic waste from the garbage where everything is badly mixed.

    Until unless the segregation is done at the house level itself the good quantity of organic waste will not be collected so easily as to use it in a regular plant to produce the biogas.

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    As the petrol and diesel is getting costly day by day there is a compulsion on the part of the government to promote alternate energies like solar, wind and bio gas. As the author said that the government must help the bio gas manufactures, before that there must be nation wide education program on this growing alternate way of producing energy , so that those who have interest in the field can set up bio gas plant and get benefited. Even banks must come forward to help small farmers who have diary farm through which lots of dung can be accumulated and that would also help to produce alternative gas.
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    For starters bio-gas isn't an immediate source of energy so it is not any way close to commercial. And then there is lack of equipment and expertise in synthesis of bio-gas. The fuel is collected over months and is only available in a low quantity. The calorific value of biogas compared to gasoline is less too. So it is not an efficient fuel at present.

    We need to find a way to mass produce biogas and to increase its calorific value by addition of certain chemicals.

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