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    What will happen in UP?

    UP has been the huge political melting pot for such a long time. One is also told that some sort of development is happening, though this is just not enough.

    The BJP is going all guns blazing. If Rajiv Gandhi can sail with the SP and the BSP, will the BJP be left behind. We do hear very conflicting stories. The Southern Newspapers do not give full information.

    What are the ground realities? Which party can lead to more development of UP? Will the BJP face a tough fight?

    Members who know the ground realities may please give their opinion.
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    For the last fifteen years before the present State Government, Uttar Pradesh had been ruled by two casteist parties led by two regional satraps. People of the state saw and understood the development, and so, they have brought the present Government in power.

    But some people still want the era of darkness in the state due to caste considerations. I think such people won't be able to change the present Government in the next election. Development would hold the key for success in elections in India.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The present government is trying to improve the condition of the state and trying to develop the state. Hope the people of UP will understand the good work and see that this good work will be continued.
    Always there are people who have political interests more than the state interest. These people will always try to destabilise the government for their own interest. The citizens should be careful with such people and see that they will not get into the trap of these people.

    always confident

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