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    Bike racing misadventures

    Chennai is home to a huge amount of drama in the political sphere. We have comedies that can keep us laughing the whole day. On the other hand, we have misadventures of a different kind.

    On the busy OMR and ECR roads which are teeming with a huge amount of traffic for most of the nights these days (the IT crowd lives here), there are a huge number of misguided youth who race on bikes and ride their motorcycles as if there is no tomorrow. Reportedly, there are bets to cover the entire distance between Tiruvanmaiyur (where the ECR starts) and Pondicherry within 130 minutes.

    This is as insane as it gets. The police often arrest this over-enthusiastic youth. What do we do with these people? How can we handle them? Can counseling help them?
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    Misadventurists will pay for their misadventure. It is very simple. We, the common citizens, must see that innocent, law-abiding, rule-following peoples do not suffer due to these misadventurists.
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    It has become a common practice among many young people particularly students who are in their +2 or BE. They feel that they are very special and they can do anything they like. They never think about what will happen if there is any unforeseen incident and if they get injured. Many accidents are taking place in Hyderabad also with this type of people. This may be their age effect and also easy money available to them. I think parents should not give them money to go for a motorcycle and other luxuries. Many of these people never have a helmet also which may protect them in case of an accident.
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    Unless we have drastic fines imposed like suspension of the licence, hefty penalty linked to the cost of the bike, this behaviour will not change.

    Look at it from the rider view point, we have many kind of bikes that are monsters with incredible speed and sound. These expensive bikes in the hands of the youngsters look for an ideal track to ride them and experience the thrill.

    What more they can ask for , the ECR/OMR or any toll expressway, is a dream come true, like endless lanes of race track. This is exploited by the people who have money to buy the bike and money to spend on the toll and the current fines if caught.

    Such people bring disrepute the entire biking community which has genuine people who enjoy the bike, the ride and nature at sensible speeds.

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    The bike racing and showing antiques of driving has become menace every where as the new roads have been developed outside the cities and Metros and the bike riders have their hay day. Even in Hyderabad at the Neclace Road, which is abetting Tank bund , youth who have costly bikes , gather there and show their skill of driving hands down from the handle, standing on the bike while running full speed, scratching the shoes to the road to get maximum friction and flares out of it and above all this happens to the knowledge of police and they wont take actions as big people children are doing these tamasha there.
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    Somehow these consists of the age factor wherein those are driven by such speeds, which makes them feel good about of those. Although observation required by their parents with a little guidance can help them improve with the social life but in case of avoidance with an addition of more freedom can lead to more attraction towards such gambling risking their lives.

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    Bike racing is very common among the youth in Chennai. Not just ECR, it happens even on Mount Road and the Marina. OMR is a bit too congested with traffic for bikes to race, but yes, sometimes I encounter bike riders zigzagging through traffic at breakneck speed, even on this stretch.

    The traffic police tries its best to curb this menace, by placing barriers on highspeed roads. But, these barriers cause another problem, they create bottlenecks, prevent the free flow of traffic and also cause accidents.

    The check posts along the ECR see an increase in numbers, especially during weekends when the bikers are most likely to ride (race) to Puducherry and back.

    I agree with the author; these races are a nuisance. Bikers also carry out dangerous stunts on the roads and put the lives of others on the road, in danger. If caught racing, the bikes should be confiscated and licenses of the rider rendered invalid.

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    This is a problem being faced by the public in many cities where these bikers are creating noise as well as safety hazard for the pedestrians and other vehicles.

    It is unfortunate that the police is not able to nab these hooligans and punish them severely. This has become an act of heroism for these youngsters to show all type of acrobatics on the roads and create indiscipline. Their parents are also not concerned about the stupid street acts done by them. Only remedy which comes to the mind is severe punishment coupled with locking their vehicles in Police Station and releasing it only on payment of good amount of fine.

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    How people misconstrue real-life threatening situations as fun-filled, adventurous, adrenalin- pumping highs? Either they do not value their own lives or think they are over -smart.
    There is no medicine meaning no laws or regulations to curb over smartness. People pay with their lives for their own foolish misdemeanors. Many times, families have to suffer for their entire lifetimes for a kid's foolish mistake.
    Parents can advise to some extent but who listens these days anyway?

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