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    Casper, my friend, do you remember?

    "There is a gift for you, by the side of your bed", mama said, as I walked in
    I dropped my bag, and ran across the hall, to my room, to see what was in
    A cardboard box lay by the side of my bed
    What treasure could it hold, the thought crossed my head
    I peered, and I squealed at what I saw inside
    Casper, my friend, do you remember how I was beside?

    Your teeny-weeny snout felt wet on my hands, as you wriggled and you jiggled as I held you close
    You slurped at my face, as we rolled on the floor, well, those are the first memories, that in my mind have froze
    Remember the times when we'd romp on the beach, and you'd get all muddied and dirty, chasing crabs
    I'd tiptoe into the hall, but you'd spoil it all, by woofing and running on mama's clean floors
    And the time daddy set his chair on the verandah, in a spot he thought he could read
    But, my friend you wouldn't have any of it, you turned dad's rocking chair into your bed

    I remember you drool and wet your coat, each time I sat down to eat
    We'd have a staring match, and I'd say "No Casper, it's my food and not a treat"
    You'd whimper and let out a short bark and paw me, till a morsel I dropped
    And mama would complain, "what are you doing, I just had the place mopped"
    Remember how you'd wait for me to get home; I couldn't see you but could hear you, as I stood chatting on the kerb
    You'd wiggle and shake and you'd jump and you'd pant, you'd whine like a baby as if the parting had been really sharp

    You had missed me I know, but I was gone for just a while
    I would have taken you along, but it wasn't the expected style
    Those nights I burned the midnight oil, you stayed up, resting your head on my feet
    I can still sense the warmth of your head; it was the warmth from your heart, wasn't it, my sweet
    And now you lay there staring into nothing; the doc says your time has come
    Memories of you I'll hold dear in my heart; have a good life in Doggie Heaven, Casper, my best chum
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    A very nice poem indeed on the subtle and affectionate relationship depicted by the authoress remembering those nostalgic moments of togetherness.

    The soft flow of feelings and emotions in the poem is really remarkable and has been presented in an enchanting and expressive way. A very good piece of poetry. Well conceived and well written.

    Knowledge is power.

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    An excellent poem on the pet dog. It rsomehow reminds me of Jim Corbett's dog Robin, although Robin was jungle-mate of Corbett.
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    For some the pets are more dear to them and they treat like a friend and the same feeling I could gather from this lovely written write up for the Friendship day topic.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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