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    Imran Khan says, he is inspired from Arvind Kejriwal!

    In his first statement issued after becoming the Prime Minister of Pakistan, he went on including that he would take care of the hard earned money of the tax payers * so in this regard & as a first step he pledged & agreed to his below statement,

    "I feel ashamed that I will be staying in the Prime Minister's palace. I will stay in a smaller house," Mr Khan said, writing off the sprawling mansion where the heads of state have been living since 1970s. "My promise to you is to fix public spending, end the economic crisis,"

    What makes me feel delighted is that the Imran Khan has been to the very lavish life so far with no such reliable background as a politician. In addition, he is inspired from Arvind Kejriwal & so looking at the facts of what Arvind Kejriwal has done to Delhi, the future of Pakistan looks bright.

    Do you agree with me?
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    He is inspired by Kejriwal, not by Anna Hazare! God save Pakistani people from the hands of Pakistani Kejriwal and his followers!
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I expect no much change in Indo Pak relations with this change. The stand may continue. Anyhow he says he is for a better relation with India. Let us wait and see. It is good that he is inspired by an Indian Politician. If he can protect the taxpayer's money from Pakistan and he can try for improving the conditions there it will be good. But unless otherwise, he is strong in taking actions on the terrorist in Pakistan and acts tough on terrorism, the condition of the country may not improve and relations with other countries also may not become good. He has to take that point on priority and work towards curbing the terrorism.
    always confident

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    In the past, we have seen several politicians of Pakistan using oily tongue and declaring friendship with India but the after - effect was not so conducive. Probably, the philosophy of Pakistan was to create hatredness among the heart of people of Pakistan so that the people of Pakistan would forget the lapses of the administration such as ignorance of basic - facility to be extended to people in the areas of education, employment and the basic - health facilities. At least in this areas, sincerity is required to implement the welfare measures and a lot of involvement would be required to execute such programmes. Hence for them, the best option is to engage their own people with some dirty tricks so that they have least time to pin point the lapses of their own leaders.

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    I don't see any changes in context to their stand because being born as a religious nation with having fixed agenda of moving along with the Kashmir issue, nothing can improve the relations.

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    Now one after other statements are coming from Pakistan and this one really surprises every one as we know how Kejriwal has changed from Anna Hazare time to now ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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