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    Lunar Eclipse would occur today from 10.55 pm to 4.50 am and what precautions you have taken ?

    Probably this is the last full Lunar eclipse or which is called blood moon could be seen across the world as per the IST timing 10.55 pm today to early morning 4.50 am tomorrow. As usual the elders at the home are preventing children not to venture out after 6 pm and also advise to have the dinner at least 6 hours before the eclipse starts. And the main temples across the South are closed from afternoon today and they will open after 7 am after special pujas and rituals. What precautions you have taken ?
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    As usual. Like any other traditional Hindu family does. No eating after 6 PM till tomorrow morning. Having a bath immediately the eclipse starts and another bath after the eclipse is over. Cleaning the Pooja Mandir and Performing Abhisekham to all the idols in the Pooja Mandir along with my wife. Then performing routine pooja. If possible donating some money to a poor Brahmin. These are the things normally we do for any eclipse and same will be done this time also.
    Some people may think they are all superstitions. But I was brought up like that and I will be like that only. Fortunately, my sons also follow my traditions without fail. If there are any other precautions we have to take please advise so that we can follow.
    There are no further eclipses this year. The next eclipse will be in the next year only I think.

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    I generally finish my dinner much earlier than 10.55 p.m. So, no special precaution. Maybe I would go to bed earlier than other days.
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    I do not take any precaution during Eclipse. I had a plan to watch it, but due to overcast conditions throughout Kolkata, I doubt whether it will be visible at all here.

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    I always serve dinner around 19:30 hours and we finish eating by 20:00 hours. Eclipse or no eclipse this is the routine I follow.

    I consider an eclipse a natural phenomenon and do not follow any ritualistic traditions. To me it nature going through its routine and nothing else. I have not witnessed any ill effects by not following practices that some people propagate. I guess it is a matter of belief, in customs followed through the ages.

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