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    Is money the only thing in life?

    'We must have money, for without it we cannot accomplish any of our desires' --- Demosthenes, Greece, 4th century BCE.

    Everyone is running in the race of making money in this materialistic world. Money is supposed to be the most important entity with which one can have access to all worldly pleasures.

    Still, there are a few who do not bother for money much and believe that though some money is required for the livelihood and basic needs but money is not the everything in this world.

    What do you think about this?
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    Money is required. But to what extent is the question. In this materialistic world, the necessity of money is increasing day by day. For the sake of money, people are quarrelling with each other. They are doing all sorts of mischiefs to get as much as money as possible. A human being is never hesitating to even kill the other human being for the sake of money. People started running after money.
    But once you have a good shelter, good clothes and food, what more we want. Once you have all the necessities we need not worry to have more and more money in the banks. When we come here we came with empty hands and when we go back we go with empty hands. We even don't know what will happen to all the money you have kept the bank. In such case why we are all running after money? Yes. I agree with the author that there are some people who don't bother much about the money.
    Instead of running after money be good with the people, help people who are in need and try to show your goodness to other people. That will leave a good name after you also in this world.

    always confident

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    During my childhood, as the eldest child of a poor refugee family, I thought that if I would study hard, get a good job and earn handsome amount of money, every problem will be solved. Now, crossing the half-century mark, I realize that there are many a thing which money can't purchase. These can't be measured with money.

    Money is still important but not all-important.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Depends. Any individual who lacked the finance on a serious terms would be looking for some stocks of money & for someone who got enough money would be interested into adding more & there is not denying the fact. We have just talked of the materialistic desires which remains unfulfilled till our last breadth. But slightly turning to the spiritual path, the money loses its shine but still remained important part of our culture. The problem is that nothing in this world is free of cost for too long & therefore we bound to moving towards the factor. We have less options left. We are capable of releasing few of the desires from our life but not all.

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    I have often heard it said that 'money is not everything'. I find illogicality in this phrase.

    When people say money cannot buy everything, they refer to love and happiness and peace of mind and values etc. Of course, money can't buy these things because they aren't for sale. You cannot put a value on them. But, money can buy everything that is saleable.

    Money may not be everything but isn't that 'everything' actually elusive? Nothing in this world can be defined as 'everything'. All things that are said to be 'everything' are incomplete`. Love is everything, the family is everything, health is everything, the list goes on. All these elements in life need to anchor onto something. And most times that something is money.

    The family is everything, it's your support system and all that. But, isn't money what rules most families that decides the status? Poor relatives side-lined at family functions. Siblings going to court over the property.

    Even compassion needs money. Try being just compassionate to someone who needs financial help, they'll bad mouth you, till the end of the earth. We may deny it, but money rules the roost. It controls every aspect of our lives.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    From time immemorial people are after money and power. Most of the people think that these two will solve all their problems. At the same time they forget that true 'love' is above all these.
    These days people are after power for making money. When money is made again run after power. Thus, alternatively people are in a race. Many fall aside and leave the field. Some make a second or third trial. Anyhow the aim of life to many is nothing but making money through any means. Only some people lead a peaceful life earning the minimum required for that.


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    I have been told by my elders that we should not run after money, instead money should come to us on its own. That means we have to do our responsibility and work with dedication, the money shall come automatically. And the height of the fact is that those yearn to earn money , they cannot get the money that easily. They want their every want to be addressed and fulfilled and for which they even go out of box to earn money but they fail. And money has the great character, it multiplies itself with new ideas emanating from the possessor and thus there is a saying in Hindi which always referred to the wealthy person that "jahan pe gadah (hallow) hain wahin pe paani jamta hain" that means where there is low lying area or the ditch, there only the water gets accumulated. So is the case of money, those who have the money, it keeps coming to them as they know how to make money out of money.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Oh, how people lust after money and quite justifiably so. Money isn't everything but a means to most of everything. Even relationships can suffer a lot due to lack of money. No wife is happy if the husband cannot bring food to the table. Love often vanishes out of the window. You cannot even worship God with an empty stomach.
    All great virtues and ideals are great but even to become idealistic and romanticise life, you should have money to pay your bills and make you feel secure.

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    Yes, in the most simplest way , it is. It could have not if we would have not given it the hype in the our chronicle history. But because we have, we cannot just forget its importance now. You can say that most of our beautiful experiences are not materialistic but spiritual etc. but that' s not true for common people, its a rich man's say. we can only overlook its importance when we have abundance of it. So until and unless you are a millionaire next door, money is important.

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