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    Do you want the paper ballots back?

    A few political parties were clamoring to bring back the old system of casting votes through ballot paper. They think the present method of casting votes through EVM can be easily tampered with and hence want to go backward. This demand is somewhat peculiar and again gained momentum 2 days earlier, when the Election Commission announced that the required number of EVMs and VVPAT machines will be delivered by the year end for 2019 general elections.

    It is true that many countries have tried these EVMs in their electoral process and reverted to the old ballot paper methods for varied reasons, but it is very difficult to manage the old method of voting through ballot paper in India because of our huge population. So far, there has been no proof of tampering with EVMs, only cases of malfunctioning were reported during elections.

    In today's world, the technology is so advanced that tampering with any system is possible by hackers and in that case EVMs can also easily fall prey to the hackers. The question is how to tackle this. Shall we go with the old method of paper ballots or try something more advanced to enhance the electoral process?
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    Definitely not. As a counting official who had worked with the paper ballot, I do know what sort of problems these ballot papers cause during the counting of votes. So, we must not fall for the propaganda of anti-nationals.

    Electronic Voting Machines are excellent devices. We must continue using them. There is less chance of discrepancy in these machines than the paper ballots.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    We should not go back on this issue. EVMs are the best. If somebody wants to do rigging it will be easy with physical ballot papers but not with EVMs. The chances of tampering the machine are absolutely Zero. Like any other machine, there may be some Operational and maintenance problems and they can be easily handled.
    The paper ballots again back mean a lot of paper consumption which is never an advisable issue. The manufacturing company ECIL is a pioneer in Electronics devices and they assure that there will not be any chance to tamper these machines. All these doubts raised by political parties and leaders are never correct and their unnecessary baseless doubts only.
    I feel the Election commission may not go back on its decision of conducting elections in 2019 with EVMs and all the voters should welcome this decision and cooperate with the EC for a better conductance of the Elections without creating any problems.

    always confident

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    So far there hasn't been any cases of hacking or manipulating data in the EVM's. This has just been in context to the winning or losing. The reliability in the working of EVMs have been raised when the BJP's performance was found good but during the case wherein the other party have performed well than no issues were surfaced. For example, the EVMs was good during the Gujrat election, during the election wherein the Kejriwal came out as a CM of Delhi & also during the times of Gorakhpur election in UP. During Punjab election also no complaints were raised against the working of EVMs. But for the remaining cases the faulty EVMs were used wherein the machines were hacked in order to divert the voting to favor the BJP.

    Hope so that after so many instances, we must now be understood of the nautanki of the different political parties who went on crying for their loses & blaming the Modi & the election commission.

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    By the way, one more state wherein the EVMs have performed well is the West Bengal wherein the Mamata Banerjee declared as the CM.

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    I am totally against the paper ballot for various reasons. My father was having election duty as a presiding officer and up to 4 pm the things would be normal during those days of ballot paper. And in the last one hour, the entire booth would be taken over by the ruling party with the connivance of police present there and goes the rigging in large scale. In those days the surveillance was not strict nor there were cctv cameras. The authorities used to visit by 3 pm know the position and security and then go. After wards what happens has been explained. This way there were huge complaints pouring in with the EC those days and thus EVM's were brought in. I feel EVM is the best answer to our democratic system which is fool proof. I wont agree with the allegations that they can be tampered in that case not a single vote should come for opposition parties as ruling party would tune the machines to their favor. So it is false news that EVM's can be tampered.
    K Mohan
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    The present campaign of some political parties and so-called intellectuals to bring back postal ballot system is nothing but an attempt to defame the ruling party at the centre and the Election Commission of India. This campaign is agenda-driven and highly impractical. They themselves know it very well.

    We, the common people, must call this bluff.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    No way. When the world is having a digital revolution are we mad to go back to paper ballots. What a huge waste of paper that will be and an underutilization of already existing technology.
    I fail to understand this political agenda of the need to bring down the systems and processes of the ruling party. In the end, it is the country and its citizens that have to suffer. Just because there may be no real issues, people bring up such primitive ideas.
    The reason for doing this is so ridiculous. As if corruption and tempering will not happen with the paper ballots. It's a shame there is so much waste of time and effort in politics. We could do much better if we focused on developmental politics rather than focus on disruptive schemes.

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