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    Do I need to register separately?

    Indiastudychannel has different sister sites. Do I need to register separately to get into a part of it? Is there any way to stay connected with one login and points calculated cumulatively.

    Possible, anyone list the sister sites in comments.
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    Yes, sister sites of India Study Channel are called spider sites and there were many. Some are active and some are closed. Earlier I was also active in about 8 spider sites. Each spider site is independent of its own and has its own rules guided and supported by a webmaster. So there is no connection between ISC and spider sites and whatever points are accumulated there and amounts earned, they cannot be clubbed with ISC earnings. Therefore please inquire with ME or the Webmaster Tony as to which spider sites are active and then join there with a separate log-in address.
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    What K Mohan has stated is correct. There were city-wise/State-wise sister sites, such as Chennai, Bengaluru, Orissa, etc. Each had its own independent Webmaster who was appointed from the then existing team of editors. ISC members were free to join any of them with another ID and password and contribute articles related to that city or State. There were other sections as well, including a forum. Currently, most of those sites are no longer functioning except, perhaps, for one or two of them. There used to be a link at the bottom of this site which gave a complete list of the Spider sites, but that is no longer provided since the sites are not active.

    Other than those sites, a fun site related to education for kids was launched, called Tech-related sites of the same Spider group also include and Please check them out as these are currently active. If you wish to join any of them, please get in touch with Tony Sir through his profile page and express your interest in joining the sites. For some sites, people can join only through an invitation link. You may also inquire about the city-based sites if any of those are still active.

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