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    How to stop this huge cinematic influence on youth?

    It is a little sad to see a huge number of people always talking about cinema and the leading actors and the heroines. In fact, the youth, both in AP and Tamil Nadu seem to be very interested in the latest hits, the hair styles, the private lives of actors, which actor will do well in politics and so on. The name of Pavan Kalyan comes up so often for discussion.

    In Tamil Nadu, we have misguided youth who pour three hundred litres of milk on every big banner of Rajnikanth on the release day. Whey they do this, the sound of "thailaa"(leader) reaches a feverish pitch. Why is this nonsense going to this level? Are we, as parents so powerless, to just watch this happen? My friends in AP, sometimes plead helplessness. They also tell me that there is an overdose of film related information in the print media. Since I do not know the language, one does not know how far is the damage.

    What can be done about this?
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    It is nothing as huge as you say Sivakumar. It was always there. I don't see any reason as to why we need to be so concerned about the issue. There has been a generation that imitated stars like MGR and Shivaji and it is an ongoing phenomenon. One may opt for a counselling or psychiatric treatment if the matter seems to go out of hand. It is as simple as that.
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    In my opinion, the influence of Cinema people on the public has come down these days. During my school days, the students used to quarrel and fight for the cause of these cinema heroes, Those days in Telugu NTR and ANR were on the top slots. But those days money was not there. So students somehow managing to spend some money on tickets. But they were not having that much money to spend on other ways. But these days more money with the people and so they are wasting the way they like. These days youth is spending more time on social media and smartphones rather than going for a movie. Because of the improvement in communication, even small issues are also getting more exaggerated and getting more noticed. Parents may be responsible to some extent as they don't want their wards to feel bad and suffer.
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    Historically the younger generation has been affected more and less by the cine stars and their movies. It was there and it still continues.

    The young mind gets infatuations very fast and are affected by fashion, trends and styles in any of the forms. As movie stars are the best of style icons, imitating them is a normal thing at that tender age.

    Sometimes these infatuations grow out of the scales and become conspicuous. Everyone is attracted to them and it catches public attention. Movie directors take advantage of these human feelings and cash them through their movies having newer and newer ideas.

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    Changing or preventing the cinematic influence in youth cannot be possible as it is since decades. In olden days youth were having their curling of hairs as of cinema heroes. Girls were using dresses by copying cine heroines. But the story of the cinema and costumes in cinema were in a control and have some ethics. Now the cinema only culprit as they polluted the whole society with abnormal things and incidents. It affects well the society youngsters and thereby the total country.

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    I think the youth should apply their own brains on the matter. Who are these so-called stars anyway? People who do the acting job for money similar to all of us who work for money. It is just that they are in the public domain and they are central to the mass media.
    I think with the inroads of social media and so may actors son twitter, Instagram, Facebook and so on, they have become much more accessible to the common people.
    Gone are those days when actors were considered Gods and revered accordingly. There are normal human beings.
    The youth of the country should be smarter to appreciate this fact.

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    Unfortunately in some villages, still there are no entertainment and the cell phone towers wont gets signals and thus the youth are diverted to watching films and the same film watching again and again and thus they become fans of big actors and even goes to the spree of airing the currency notes when good dialogues or the song sequences or even steamy scenes come on the screen. Only on this weakness, many small time films are also getting hit and earning decent money at the box office. Nevertheless , the heroic following in South India than the North. Our South fans are too much involved with the characters of the actors.
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