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    Millet tastes so good and is so good for health as well

    Millet has now caught the imagination of so many thousands of people. In Chennai, there are some hotels serving this thing called millet dosa. It tastes so good and is reportedly so good for health. When quizzed, the server said so many things about the health benefits.

    Another point is that there is some interest in the traditional ragi dishes too. I really do not know who started this kind of publicity, but the trend towards consuming good organic food seems to knowing no limits.

    Members, who know the full health benefits, may please list them here. Particularly about millet and ragi.
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    Whether the ragi and millet gives best taste and have the health benefits are not, we are having the options of ordering the same through online food ordering websites and thus these two dishes have become more famous among the techies who prefer such off the box food and thus we find online food supplying boys are always queued up at such restaurants which make these menu every day. Nevertheless good things are to be taken when we are young and that would build the immune and enhance the digestive power as junk foods create stomach upset and down with unwanted bed ridden leaves.
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    Basically, the carbohydrate content in these two items is less when compared to that of rice and wheat. So they are good for diabetic patients and also useful for weight reduction. They take more time for digestion than wheat and rice. Hence food consumption may come down which will also help in losing weight. The count of red blood cells will be maintained properly by consuming these foods as they are rich in iron. If these foods are consumed we may feel more relaxed as the intake will come down. Some experts say that the anxiety, depression and insomnia will be reduced if we consume more of these items.
    The high amount of dietary fibre combine in these foods will keep the stomach full for long and hence our intake will come down which will help in weight reduction. The skin ageing effect will also come down if we consume these items more. These foods are becoming more popular these days because of the benefits of weight control.

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