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    Lets salute this great social reformer!!

    Contrary to all public perception, the reality about Dr Kalaignar Karunanidhi, is that he was and still is the great social reformer of Tamil Nadu. There are now so many economists who talk about how spread of education and growing numbers of educated people can add to the GDP.

    This can be attributed in no small measure to this great leader. Not every one in other parts of this country know that the 69% reservation for the SC.ST and other backward classes, was superbly introduced only in Tamil Nadu. This has lead to the emergence of a huge educated class. Please do go to any Arts and Science College in Chennai to know this reality. When we have a huge number of educated manpower it only adds to the wealth of the particular city or town. For example, the BPO industry in Chennai is one of the largest in India, as it still possible to find labor at rates that are cheaper than other cities.

    History cannot be re-written. Yes, the Tamil Brahmins were affected to some extent. But they shrewdly migrated to other metros like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kalkutta and Bangalore and even cities like Ahmedabad. Even today, there is no great problem as it still possible to pursue different careers in Tamil Nadu. Liberal arts and highly job-oriented courses like Visual Communication are there too.

    Dr Kalignar Karunanidhi may be unwell today. But his contribution to social reform will be written in gold letters. Forever.
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    A politician is not a social reformer according to me. Because its the duty of a politician to ensure the welfare of his voters. In that case I will call him a good politician and pray for his health.

    Now, I am not fully aware of his administration but I've heard a ton about his family being a treasury of scams. His daughter is involved in scams. His son is involved in criminal activities. He himself is often listed among the most corrupted ministers in India. He's been in politics and literature field a scholar indeed.
    But I still am not convinced that he's a great person.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Sir,there is always a darker side to every politician. Even the imperious Jayalalitha was so corrupt and her corruption was three thousand times more than Karunanidhi.

    Kindly understand the context in which the social reforms were undertaken. But for the reservations, the upper castes would have cornered all the seats in engineering colleges and in the arts and science colleges. This would have lead to more chaos. Today, what has happened? The so-called Brahmins and the other upper classes have gone to the IITs and the NITs. Kindly go through some statistics and you will understand. The upper castes have also gone abroad. So, the net result is that the spread of education is bringing more prosperity to the State. The new jobs in IT and BPO have brought wealth. Sir, what happens is that this wealth goes to fund different needs and wants.

    To give you a simple example. The other backward classes and the most backward classes are all non-vegetarian. You know what they consume. KFC and Domino Pizza are money spinners in Chennai, only because this new rich class has taken to these new products. Another thing. When the service sector expands, you can always find huge employment everywhere.

    Sir, do you know that some two hundred and fifty hundred thousand people are directly and indirectly employed in the marriage contract services in Chennai alone? This is a huge business made possible, only because the new rich class, from among the most backward and the other backward classes have been educated and they are all earning. They get married too. The list goes on.

    Please do understand the larger context. Am myself a Tamil Brahmin. But whomsoever does good, has to be appreciated. Do you know that this great Karunanidhi was the person behind the Tidel Park, the largest IT park in Asia?

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    This so-called social reformer and DMK president, Thiru M Karunanidhi, has been admitted to Chennai hospital late last night after his health deteriorated.

    I don't what social reform has Thiru Karunanidhi done, but I do know that he has made overwhelming economic reforms in his extended family.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I have my own thoughts about Karunanidhi. He is only responsible for benefits to his family and his followers only. The two main regional parties are only responsible for giving free incentives from government to get votes. I feel MGR is a better politician when compared to Karunanidhi. He was known as a non-corrupt politician.
    The IT industry has brought the change. People from the middle class and lower-middle-class families irrespective of their caste and religion moved to nearby cities and because of this population raise many other people also migrated to cities. Even in Hyderabad, many people are making their living with the chances cropped up from the migration of many middle-class people for jobs in IT.
    Even at this age still, this man is after power and always tries to see his son as Chief Minister of the State.

    always confident

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    Rao Sir, what is wrong with that? Dont we have the Gandhi family? Don't we have the Mulayam Singh Yadav put his own son in power? What about Lallu?

    Sir, no one is supporting Karunanidhi for being corrupt. Yes, he was corrupt. But some of his actions have also lead TN to become one of the most developed States, now offering jobs to millions from the North of India, though such jobs are at the bottom of the pyramid. Yes, these jobs also help these poor souls to be alive. I do feel sad that these simple guys accept the offer of free food or free wheat rations and accept salaries that are far less than the normal.

    Sir, you would have to understand the historical facts. Yes, MGR was too good. But what happened to Jayalalitha Sir? She was as bad as your YSR, Sir. In fact, Jayalalalitha and her cronies have swindled upwards of one lakh crores in total. It is all in the public domain.

    The present Chief Minister wants to swindle money in the Salem project. That is why he is destroying so much of nature. Yes, Karunanidhi was corrupt. But his achievements have never ever been understood by most people. This is a real pity.

    Sir, we see the traffic moving so fast in Chennai. Though it is far more bigger than Bangalore or Hyderabad, in terms of area, how is this possible? Do you know that during the DMK regime, one excellent Mayor called Subramanaim, executed such lovely projects that saw hundreds of bridges? Even the prestigious Kathipara bridge was put up when T.R. Baalu was the Union Minister. Today, we are able to move around only because of the bridges. I do not know if you have seen T.Nagar. Just see the two big bridges. These were got up only during the DMK period.

    Sir, we need to talk about the overall picture. We can't stick to corruption only. Every single party is corrupt. Why did the BJP not have anyone except the most corrupt Yedi to be projected as the Chief Minister?

    It will always be a zero sum game, if we ignore many facts. I know the facts. I have thoroughly searched them. Many sociologists have also come to the same conclusions.

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    Possibly this man had to do something to show for his time in office and this reservation is something he did and it struck gold for the general public. Politics and corruption are synonyms of each other in India and there is no denying the fact the list of scams could be unending.

    But credit ought to be given where it is due. If Karunanidhi sir, has done this reform and it has helped change the fate of many people then kudos to him.

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    Kalaignar Karunanidhi might have done some good social reforms for the down trodden and dalits. But all this good works were gone to wind by corruption charges against those who have represented the DMK party at the state and central. He must be complemented for the Samathuvapuram or the housing complex for all the communities , thereby standing as the example of secular support. But again those who are the supporters of DMK have been given chance in those colonies.Nevertheless he is now in hospital and saying something against him wont look nice. Let the voters judge their own choice.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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