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    Why should we not ban plastics in every form?

    Ban on plastic covers that were polluting every single bit of land in so many places has happened in Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

    However, one does see broken plastic chairs, containers and so on. There are some conflicting opinions whether these can be reused and melted and then made into new goods. However, they are also a big nuisance.

    Why not ban plastic totally? The traditional bamboo furniture, for instance, looks so beautiful. Why not encourage this industry? Why not encourage the jute industry to produce goods that are durable? Why not give massive concessions to the manufacturers and totally ban plastic in every form?

    Is this possible? If yes, how and what are the alternative materials possible?
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    It is impossible to ban all forms of plastic because there are different types of plastic. The polyethylene is most widely used as covers and is harmful to environment. But the other plastic goods are made of thermosetting resins which cannot be degraded by heating. So you cannot mould and use them.
    Medical equipment and drugs come in biodegradable plastics.
    If you're talking about plastic chairs, surely we must turn back to wood and bamboo furniture. But other plastic goods cannot be replaced because they are excellent electrical insulators. No wonder everything from your TV remote to your mug is made of plastic because they resist conduction of heat and electricity unlike any other substance. Moreover they can be cleaned easily, last forever, mended easily by sticking the broken segments, made easy and inexpensive.

    Plastic is gift. And its up to us to use this gift right.

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    Plastic can't be entirely banned. Plastic is used everywhere-in aerospace, aircraft, ship, medical industries and in many other useful equipments, appliances and products. At the first instance, we must ban plastics as carrying bags. The successful implementation of this step alone would solve many problems.
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    I think these days living without plastic material is impossible. But very thin plastic should not be used. The main culprit in this issue is the carrying bags. All the State governments should ban these carrying bags. The majority of the problems with plastics will go, once these thinner bags are banned.
    At the same time using more wood for furniture will result in cutting off many trees which will result in deforestation. This will be a problem too. There is some biodegradable plastic also and using them may not be a problem. Many metal parts are replaced with plastic parts to decrease the unnecessary weight carrying in the aerospace industry. Even in missiles, many lightweight materials are in the offing which are not exactly plastics but are much smarter materials.
    So banning completely the plastic items may not be a possible these days.

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    Plastics are introduced in to vogue only by us and now we only crying on the evils of plastics. We totally lost our own commonsense in using a thing. Earlier we were using the ashes of husk mixed with camphor,lavang,salt for cleaning our teeth. Later when the paste wallahs told us the usage of such powder as evil we nodded our head and shifted to pastes, now the same paste manufacturers are asking whether we have salt and coal in our paste. For this also we are nodding our heads.
    In earlier days we used utensils,cloth bags for buying food items and other items later we only changed to plastic bags and covers by convincing or compromising ourselves as living in scientific society. Now we are crying that it is not possible to withdraw plastics why? Why donot we carry cloth bags and utensils? What prestige prevents us from doing so?

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    I came across an article on Prof Vasudevan, the plastic man of India a few days ago. He has been successful in constructing roads with the waste plastic material. His technology seems practicable as well as sustainable is removing all the plastic waste that we have accumulated and the entire world seems to be suddenly fretting over.

    Whether we ban all forms of plastic or not is not so important rather how are going to dispose of all that rubbish is a mind boggler.
    I hope Prof Vasudevan's technique turns out to be an answer to a very pertinent and important question.

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    Banning plastic as such is impossible since it is used in most of the modern equipments in some form or other. The banning is for the lesser quality types, which are used as covering materials, mainly. Some of the varieties are reusable.
    If any variety is to be banned, the production of the same will have to be stopped. The carry bags if available the merchants and common man will continue using it. The controlling or banning must be done at the production side. No authorities are showing any interest in that. Unless this is done the banning will have no effect.


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