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    Just a suggestion - it would be nice if implemented

    Since errors have cropped up, in the announcement threads of the 'time-bound' contests, of which incidentally, I am a big fan, I suggest that the final list of points and winners is thoroughly checked, by other esteemed editors, before it is published in the Forum.

    I know we are human and mistakes happen, and all that, but this will ensure that the finale is picture perfect.

    Posting this as a fresh thread, with links for reference, as suggested by the ME -

    Contest announcement 1
    Contest announcement 2
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    I think the mistakes took place are only typing mistakes while posting the thread. So I don't know whether we have to call it a typo mistake or not. Anyhow Managing Editor will look into the suggestion given in this thread and she may do the needful. Only evaluation mistakes can be corrected by another Editor.
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    But, I see it differently. In the first contest, a member's incorrect answer was marked as correct and he was announced as one of the winners. He brought the error to the notice of the ME, who then locked the thread, to recheck the winners. Eventually, someone else was declared the winner. It couldn't have been a typo.

    I'll give the second contest announcement the benefit of doubt because the ME says it was a typo. However, what I have suggested will do away with such typographical errors, because it will allow the results to be copy-pasted.

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    The suggestion has been noted to have an Oscar-worthy finale!
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    But, don't do it like the Oscars, please. We wouldn't want another La La Land and Moonlight like fiasco now, would we?

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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