Freshers in College to Friends for Life.

Like a bud blooming into a flower,
I had just transformed from a child to the teenager.
Amid a sea of mixed emotions, I stepped into college life,
Like many, I too hoped this to be a memorable part of my life.

Just as the day faded into night,
My joy ended and my heart was filled with fright.
Along with a few freshers, my ragging started
With time, I realized that my nightmare had also just started.

Like three monkeys, I was flanked by two freshers in distress,
We sang and danced not in joy but under duress.
When the boys became physical with me that night,
the two monkeys on my flanks became my real knights.

After that, like the three monkeys, we also became a trio of friends,
College life breezed past and I began to enjoy their friendship.
Through thick and thin, through youthful bravado and exam fears,
through failing and passing, through smiles and tears.

We compelted college, started our careers and families
Whenever life was harsh, we found solace in our fond memories.
Be it marriage or funeral, rain or shine,
transfer or travel, we were in touch and our friendship was fine.

I pray that all good people have friends like us,
Let them enjoy the fruits of their friendship too, like us too.
Last but not least, I thanked God for giving me my friends,
and my unforgettable life never really ended, thank you friends.

Friendship day contest entry.