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    No Need To Learn Difficult Vocabulary To Speak Fluent English

    Many of the English speakers misguide themselves, and are after learning difficult English words, more than being concerned to speak English. They often keep learning new vocabulary words and don't even care to use them in their normal conversations lead.
    This is not the right way to improve your fluency in English. If you want to speak English fluently, what you can do is to have a good grip over basic vocabulary words relating to your daily life. There are nearly 200 to 500 vocabularies related to our daily life.
    When you learn a few words and use them in your daily conversations, then gradually you will gain a good vocabulary and will merely start speaking fluently.
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    What you say is absolutely correct. No need for opulent vocabulary. ( by the way see what I did here. I used opulant which people normal wouldn't. They would use "grand" or "complex").
    But there is a definite need for grammar. Without proper grammar understanding it is impossible to get good at a language.
    But having a better vocabulary is to our advantage as it helps us to convey ourselves way better. You could use more emphasising words making you a better orator, and thus fluent. So in the beginning stage get a good grip of the structure of language. When the structure of the cake is ready go for icing, vocabulary.

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    By using complicated words and making the sentences much bigger can't be a measure to our expertise in the language. The very purpose of writing is to make others understand what we want to convey by reading our words. For this one should use small sentences and as far as possible simple words. The author may be a PhD in the language but the writing should of the level of the readers whom you are targetting. Otherwise, nobody can appreciate our talent. So having the minimum vocabulary and using precise words to convey our thoughts are more important than showing your language depth by using complicated and odd words.
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    Using bombastic language doesn't increase the weight of one's argument. Our views must be precise, brief and to-the-point. As English is not our mother-language, we must try to write and speak grammatically correct English. That is more important than using difficult words. Using difficult words doesn't prove our knowledge, rather it makes us boring and our target audience and readers fail to understand our views.
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