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    How many of us have seen the Lunar eclipse yesterday?

    Yesterday was the Lunar Eclipse day. I was not able to see properly because of the crowd weather. People those who are lucky had seen and enjoyed the moment of complete eclipse. One of my friends has seen it and has sent me a few images and from that, I could imagine how beautiful it was.

    Please share your experience if you have seen it and post it in this thread. I am attaching an image in my reply thread. which my friend has sent it to me through Whatsapp.
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    Here is the spectacular image of the Moon. And, I thank my friend for sending me such beautiful images.

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    I was going to raise the same thread. Yesterday, due to the very cloudy sky, I missed the spectacular red-blood moon, but I have seen many photos of the special moon.
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    Unfortunately, I could not even think of seeing it because, there were restrictions since I am a pregnant. There were many restrictions imposed like I was asked not to come out of the home from the evening and to finish eating dinner before 8 p.m.

    We closed all the windows and doors completely and made the house a dark room. No chance to see the Eclipse.

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    Around 1.30 AM I got up and viewed the eclipse. But due to weather conditions, it is not very clear and I couldn't see it properly. Today morning I have seen the photographs on TV and newspapers only. These photos have given a very good idea of the various shapes of the moon at different times and I liked the photos. None of the house members has seen the eclipse yesterday. They all slept. Just I have only got in between and peeped once.
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    I am always fascinated by these type of celestial events, but unfortunately due to overcast conditions I never tried it. Generally I stay awake till late night, but yesterday I slept much earlier.

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    In our religion , we have to perform rituals called Tarpan during the grahan or the eclipse and at that time we have to view the celestial happening and I had the opportunity to view it at 3 am.
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