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    Can we leave children’s study to the mercy of schools?

    It is a fact that the quality of teachers when we were at school was far better than the current generation teachers. Whether it is knowledge, commitment or attitude towards teaching we find a lot missing in present-day school teachers and we often experience them through our children. I do not mean to say saying that today there are no good teachers but the ratio of good to below par teachers has drastically declined. This is my personal opinion.

    Marked difference seen is that earlier teaching was regarded more than a profession. Teachers had a passion for teaching and were knowledgeable to clear all the fundamentals and clarify the doubts of the students. This resulted in a better understanding of concepts by the students. As a result, revising the things at home were easy for students and parents did not need to put too much effort to make the kids understand the things.

    In contrast, nowadays teaching has become more of a commercial profession and teacher's passion and attachment towards teaching have reduced. Even knowledge level of teachers and come down and it is seen that children face problems with clearing their fundamental concepts at school. Generally, very less initiative is seen by teachers to clear their doubts. As a result, kids still need to get their doubts cleared from their parents or go to the tuition classes after school.

    So the question is can we leave our children's education to the mercy of the school these days and expect that they will come out with flying colors? I think no, parents also need to put the equal effort from their side to see that their child performs well.
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    Another relevant thread from the award-winning author. At the outset, I must state that I don't agree that the teachers' standard has gone down. In fact with the improvement of salary structure in Government schools, many bright students have been joining the profession after qualifying tough competitive examinations. But I must say that the attitude of the teachers towards their profession and towards the students has changed drastically. Many teachers are teaching in a routine manner without bothering about the education and needs of the students. The human touch has gone missing. Even terrible torture is being reported by some terrible teacher.

    Under these circumstances, we can't completely rely upon the teachers in schools. The guardians must keep them fully aware of their children's performance in school and their comments on various teachers.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    A teacher has to teach. So they are teaching. But whether the purpose of teaching is achieved or not, is the question here. A teacher may be very knowledgeable. But how much he is conveying it to the student. A teacher has to go to the level of the student and then teach. Then only the student can understand the point. Otherwise, it is of no use. How many teachers are doing this? They tell lessons to complete the syllabus.
    There are many private colleges where teachers will see that the students will mug up and reproduce the subject. This is not the purpose of education. As such the parents should take some interest in the studies of their children and see that they understand the subject better and do well in the examination. They should take special care with respect to the performance of the children and wherever he requires additional support, it is to be provided by them. Then only the children will be more knowledgeable and get acquainted with the subject.

    always confident

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