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    How you find out the age of a tree?

    As the age of a man can be determined or assumed by grey hair and wrinkles in the face but what is the procedure to find out the age of a tree do you know? yes, there is a way to know the age of the tree too by counting the trunk rings of a tree helps you find out the age of a tree. What is the Scientific name is given for this I don't know? But, do you know this fact before. Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    According to my sister it is called Dentrochronology. Dentro means branches.
    Chronology means study of age. So that seems correct.

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    This is a new subject for me. But many people are able to predict the age by seeing the condition of the trunk. Of course, it may not be a scientific way. Now through this thread, we learnt that Dentrochronology is the study regarding the age of the tree. Thanks for the information.
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