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    Circle is the complete geometrical shape.

    Geometry deals with different shapes and the mathematics involved in them. The three major shapes in geometry are Circle, rectangle and triangle. These three shapes are simple, useful, strong and beautiful. Man made use of these shapes in all his creations. From the excavations it was noticed that Egyptians preferred triangular forms than others. At the same time the Greeks had a preference for squares and rectangles. Romans were seen using semicircle forms very often. In our country circles were preferred over other forms.
    The great thinker, Plato had stated that circle was the perfect shape, it is complete in all respect.
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    Yes, among all geometric shapes, the circle is the most complete and perfectly symmetrical shape. It also has no beginning or no end.
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    Maybe because we can easily derive fractions with a circle. You can cut out a square, rectangle and a triangle from a circle. You can cut many semicircles and sectors. One more reason could be that without circles we would not have pi. Pi is a divine number in maths because it has innumerable applications. You can literally make any shape out of circle. So it is definitely a complete perfect geometrical shape.

    Indian obsession with circles can be seen in our circular rangolis, chakras, our concept of "brahmand" and the way we circumnavigate the sanctum in temple. We were pretty obsessed with ellipses too calling things "anda" or "aand". Time is given a wave shape, a circle essentially, in Indian mythos.

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    Why Indians are fond of circles because we have the great belief and following of the Sun and Moon. While the Sun is regarded as God for the Hindus, Muslims respect the Moon. Both are round in shape in actual forms and thus we have the close connection with the circle. Moreover there is also greater belief among Indians that the best thing in the world and the life should be round which makes the life going. For example the size of the wheel is circle and we cannot imagine any other size which can match for moving. And our eyes are round , which enables us to move the eyes to all directions. Like wise we can keep on counting the things which are round and helpful to the mankind.
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    Planet Earth is spherical.
    Any line on a sphere has to be a circle.Parallal lines intersect and become circles. Any geometric shapes are curved on a sphere, ultimately will become a circle.
    So, circle is the complete geometric shape.

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    The circle is a perfect and complete shape. From a circle, we can make whatever shape we want. As mentioned by the other authors we can't identify the ending or beginning. With the advent of Zero which is similar to a circle only the importance of mathematics increased. Zero has brought the wider scope to mathematics with more numbers in for mathematics. Again the inventor of Zero is from an Indian only. As such we have a lot of importance for this shape. In a circle, if we see all the other shapes will get merged. So I feel it is true that Circle is a complete geometric shape.
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