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    Why some people have this habit?

    From far away we see them walking and talking to themselves, waving their hands in expressions and we feel, "Is this fellow mad? Why is he talking to himself." We may also feel that he might be mentally depressed and angry and hence be talking to himself.

    But all our assumptions go wrong when we go near to that person and find that there is nothing wrong with him. In fact, he is talking over his mobile phone with handsfree earphones plugged into his ears.

    With the mobile addiction growing among people this is one of the common scenes encountered nowadays where we see people talking on the phone with earphones plugged into their ears while doing different tasks like walking on the road, shopping, driving etc.

    This is a very dangerous practice I feel as it makes a person unaware of his surroundings. There have been road accident cases reported where people are not able to hear the vehicle horns and also some cases where people have been run away by trains while crossing the railway tracks as they are not able to hear train siren due to the earphones.

    It is said that continuous talking with earphones can reduce hearing power also.

    Are some people getting sucked into this handsfree addiction? Do they have so much to talk about?
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    To some extent, this is an addiction and it is on the rise. Mobile phones are necessity and it is hard to think of managing our life without them. The problem is, many people are compulsive enough that leads to it's misuse.

    Lots of incidents are reported on a daily basis, because of inattentiveness while using the mobile phone. There are announcements at many places, warning people not to use mobile phones while walking but nothing seems to be of much use. Voice and data packages are almost free nowadays and many people think since it's free, they must make it's optimum use.

    If people remain unaware, then network operators can try something to reduce this.Suppose, if they stop the free voice calls and data packages then there will be a concern to keep the usage within limit. They may experiment with this to see if it reduces the habit to some extent.


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    Yes I have also seen many people on the roads, making gestures, smiling and laughing loudly as if he was talking and exchanging pleasantries with some one or on the phone. But he is probably enjoying the past conversation of the matter which really impressed him or her and recalling the same. No matter many people are watching him or her, but they are in their own world enjoying the moments. And one more thing , some people have the habit of preparing themselves for the future conversation or talk and for that they make rehearsal on the way. What ever it may be it looks odd for us.
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    These days we see many people in this way. Even people riding a bike are also seen as this sometimes. Even four wheelers drivers also practice this many times. As mentioned by the author when we watch somebody from long who is moving his lips and hands, we feel that man is an oddman. But when we go near him we see that he is talking on a mobile. These days we are getting wireless headphones also. A person going on a scooter will have a Bluetooth inside the helmet and phone in the pocket. While driving he will be talking over the phone or otherwise, he will be hearing the songs.
    This habit is very dangerous and many times that will lead to accidents. The earphones inside the ear will not allow you to hear what the other man is telling and you may not be able to hear even the horns of vehicles. This will lead to accidents. So people should understand the hazards involved in this and should avoid talking while driving or walking. It is dangerous not only to the person but also to fellow passengers also.

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