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    We can learn from politicians too

    There is a notion about politicians in our country. We think most of them are corrupt, insensitive, do not care about common people, liar and so on. It's true, but there are exceptions also. We learn from everybody and everything around us and politicians are no exceptions, we can learn few things from them too.

    Take the case of our local councilor, he will always greet you with a broad smile. If you go to him for anything, you will be pleased by his wonderful behavior. He will promise you a lot of things, and always makes an alibi for his inability to keep a promise made in some earlier case. His greetings with a broad smile and wonderful behavior can be emulated by all of us. That's a good thing to learn. He might be doing these things to deceive us in some way, but we can do these things to maintain a fantastic relation with everybody.

    Another thing to learn from a politician is sense of timing. They know when to say, what to say and whom to say. Before every election, be it state or central, they will announce a lot of projects without thinking about their implementability to garner votes. It works at times. In our daily life, if we have this sense of timing, it will help us a lot.

    I found these two qualities are worth emulating. Don't you think so?
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    In all professions, there are good people and bad people also. I consider politics also as a profession. Only the ratio of good and bad may vary from profession to profession. So there may be less good politicians. Learning is a continuous process and we can learn as long as we live. We can learn by reading, observing others and knowing from others. So we can learn from politicians also. That is true.
    The Surpunch of our native place is a physically challenged person. But he has become surpunch of the village and trying to do all best things to the village. He struggles a lot for the village and he got the best surpunch award. he maintains very good timing and he stands on his words and will never do promises which he can't fulfil. We can learn from him regarding coming up in the life and also how to fight pout the problems in our lives.

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    I actually give a positive suggestion being not interested in politics. But I give positive feedback towards politics. Being in India we see politics everywhere we think that people get bad when they get in politics. We consider that those people who get involve in politics are bad and even the good people they also became bad after entering into politics but it's not true. I know lakhs of people are misusing it. But some good people are also there. They give their best towards society.
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    Everything is happened in political field because every politician assures to people something to be definitely fulfilled but something are not. People could not judge who would give correct assurance to them to fulfil their desires. A common man thinks that it is the duty for him to vote to win the politicians in elections. People have hopes on elections as there would be new immediate after elections. After one or two years, again thoughts of people would become neutral. Again people would be active at that time elections. So, it is recurring process.

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    Nowadays politicians are a much-maligned community of people, and they themselves are to be blamed for this. But we must acknowledge their quality of managing almost everything with their sweet talk. They have tremendous power of convincing. We must admit this. But should we learn this? I have doubts.
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    What I feel that people generally do not believe the politicians and their promises, which are made to escape from the present crisis and also get votes. No politician is sincere enough to develop their own area with full allotted funds from central and state. You know there is LAD founds are there which are routed from MP and MLA to the respective Councillor for the basic development and we often see no coordination between the three set of politicians and thus the development works get curtailed or postponed. As per government and its records it states that it has given enough funds for development and the corporators act on their will and wish and thus dissent from the section of voters are always possible. Very few corporators get re elected if they keep the promises made earlier, otherwise the whole party gets resounding defeat next elections and this is for sure happening.
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