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    Do you like to queue up at the restaurant?

    During earlier days eating outside in the restaurant was done only during occasions but nowadays especially in the big towns and cities eating outside on weekends has become a trend among the people. Many families prefer not to cook one day a week and go out to have their lunch or dinner. Due to the popularity of this trend nowadays it is common to see queues outside some good restaurants in the city with people waiting outside for their turn to eat. People anxiously wait for their turn to come and look with helpless eyes towards the occupied tables hoping that they would soon get free.

    A few years back nobody would have thought that there would be queues even at restaurants too but now this is a reality. There are some people who do not prefer standing in a queue just for eating and would rather go back to their home or go to some alternative restaurants which are not crowded. But there are some people who are very choosy who prefer to wait even for hours to get a table in their favorite restaurants.

    Personally, I cannot digest the idea of waiting at restaurant queue and investing the time just for food. I think there are better places than restaurants where queuing can be considered logical. But still, I feel this depends on individual preferences and priorities.

    What is your take on this? Do you like to wait in a queue outside the restaurant or you prefer to walk off?
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    Nobody wants to wait in a queue in a restaurant, particularly if he/she is hungry. But if one prefers a particular restaurant, and doesn't want to visit another one, then there is no other alternative except waiting for a table.
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    What for we visit a restaurant or hotel ? To mitigate our hunger and wants to have the tasty food urgently. I hate to wait in such hotels where the serving time is too long as if the menu is being prepared on taking our order. And some hotels deliberately keep the customers waiting as they want to have more orders probably of the same variety. This kind of business tricks irks me and I just excuse me and walk away. That is why when ever I happen to go to a hotel , I ask for which item is ready and can be served immediately and then order the same and not that what I want and eat which is difficult to get in time.
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    There is Swiggy, isn't it? They will bring you the food from restaurants of your choice to your doorstep. So most people won't queue up. And also the presence of Swiggy has made us to eat more restaurant food. Because food is just one click away we order a lot more now.
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    If the restaurant is good and reasonable then on weekends it may so happen that people may have to queue up for their turn. This is now a days observed in big cities especially during lunch or dinner peak times.

    The quality of food, it's price and the ambience of the place are the factors which create this crowd at a particular eating place.

    I have seen this phenomenon not in general but in a few shops long back when I was a student in a town. It was a shop where the owner was preparing the snacks in a clean environment and serving them in neat plates. The rates were also minimal. Whenever we went there we did not get place to sit down and took it either standing out or got it packed to carry home.

    There were many shops selling similar eatables in that area but they did not have crowd.

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    Obviously no one likes to que up at the restauratnts but now a days few restaurants set up with good quality, taste and where the customers also have space to sit in open environment and have food.

    This is really a good experience to go to such places with friends and family memebers on a weekend to enjoy the dinner.

    I have many such experiences where all family members and friends gather at such restaurants for dosa and we keep chit chatting till the order comes and we all sit together to have a joyful dinner time. Waiting for sometime in such places is also good fun with friends.

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    Some people are very particular about the restaurants they want to dine. So every time they visit those restaurants which they pick up. So they will wait there till they a get seat there. As far as I am concerned, I am not very much like the idea of going out to eat. But my other family members like this we may be going once in a while for eating out. Generally, the hotel we choose is not so crowdy and we will be getting seats immediately. We avoid going out on weekends. So we never felt this waiting experience.
    There are many hotels in Hyderabad where people stay for their turn to get the seats in the restaurant.

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    When our need is a particular restaurant for its good quality food, good service and general good ambience, then we do not mind waiting. In fact I had waited in many such occasions. In certain good hotels, they have a system of priority tokens or the staff see that people are served first come first basis. They direct people in such a way that every one gets place as early as possible.
    This can happen on certain festival days, holidays, weekends, and peak hour timings.
    If it was just to grab something and satisfy hunger we may not go to such hotels and wait, but go to some less crowded eatery.

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    Before leaving the house, we generally have the cuisine and a specific restaurant in mind. Usually, it takes quite some time to reach the place and it is, of course, frustrating to see that there is a long queue already waiting beforehand waiting to get in.
    Though many times, I cannot stand the idea of waiting for food and go someplace else, sometimes I am just too tired to roam around the city just because we have stepped out for food. I do sit and wait it out.
    Though, we do prefer reservations beforehand wherever possible.

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    It depends where I am waiting. If I have to stand outside a restaurant door and wait for diners to emerge from inside the eatery before I can be seated, then it's not something I like doing. I do not mind waiting for a table to be prepared, if the staff ensures that I wait in comfort, in the lounge.

    I usually call to book a table, before I arrive, this ensures that there is no waiting time. We generally frequent restaurants that we have been to previously and liked because of the food, service and ambience. I always get the name of the F&B manager and the staff that serves us and save those on my phone, against the restaurant name. It helps to call and speak to them personally, to get a table, even during peak hours.

    Aditya mentioned Swiggy – sometimes you just want to step out of the house.

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