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    How many festivals are there

    How many festivals are totally in the world and what are they and also what are their rituals, customs
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    There is no answer to it. You can count the festivals but you will always encounter a newly born festival. Festivals are born out of need to rejoice. So there is never a definite count. But the easiest way to count all the festivals is to make a demographic map and communicate with people. There are tribes, religions, communities and ethnic groups all around the world. They are uncountable.
    A particular tribe may organize a festival all of a sudden today and you wouldn't even know.

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    What I feel that this is very difficult question to answer and wont even get perfect feed from members. There are about 192 recognized countries in the world which are seems to be having the great following their customs and traditions and they have their own festivities not connected to the other countries of the world. Like India celebrates the festivals of Hindus, Muslims, Christians. Sikh, Jain , and other communities, other countries also have their local festivals which is rich of customs and tradition. For example Spain celebrates tomato festival through which people engage on throwing tomatoes against each other and drench themselves in the tomato soup which is loaded in the van. And in Sri Lanka the Buddha festival is celebrated in grand scale, and in Nepal they have their own festivals of great importance. So we cannot generalize the festivals of all the countries in the world.
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    I think we can't get the correct answer to this question. There are many countries. There are many religions. There are many castes. Each caste will have its own festivals. Each religion will have its own festivals. Each country will have its own festivals. All put together every day will be having many festivals all over the world.
    As the communication channels are increased the news from one part of the world is going to other parts very fast. That is why the festivals from one place to other place are spreading. During my childhood days, we don't know about father's day. mother's day and other similar days. Now in India also we all celebrate these types of festivals also. Like this new festivals will be coming and some old festivals we may be forgetting. So coming out with a proper number is very difficult.

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