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    Alternative source of income and New skills?

    With uncertainty in the job market and layoffs rising especially in private companies more and more people nowadays have started thinking of developing an alternative source of income. In fact, it is said that a time will come when there will be no jobs left and people would have to be themselves responsible for their own employment.

    With such an insecurity in mind working population now seem to have an additional burden of doing something else apart from their job. This is also not easy as people need to invest theirs after office hours and weekends towards their effort to build some alternative source of income and this results in people not able to spend proper time with their family after the office hours. Ultimately work-life balance gets affected due to this.

    But I think there is little choice left for the people and thinking of alternative source of income which is under our control has almost become a necessity now.

    Apart from this companies also have set high expectations from their employees to get updated with latest skill sets on their own so that they remain useful to them. This again requires additional efforts outside the office hours.

    Isn't life becoming difficult for the working population?
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    Well everybody wants to earn more from the present working and also additional income from alternate source. But often end up due to time constraints and tiredness from the main work in the office. For a part time job one has to invest new thinking, new energy. When the energy is already lost in the main job, how can one do justice to the part time job. Moreover the working hour extends to late night and without proper food and sleep disorder, the next day morning becomes more taxing and cannot cope up with the daily routines. So people do want earn more, but the work time and body wont permit. However some people are wise enough to start their own business with subordinates chosen from their own friends and does self business by getting online things of varied nature and earning money of it , but that could be meager and wont be fetching.
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    Acquiring new skills is not very easy. It is time-consuming and needs extra effort. If a person needs money immediately, he/she can't wait for 2-3 years to acquire a new skill. He/She would try to find a new source of income.

    But for long-term, acquiring a new skill is necessary which can help in getting additional income.

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    The author has put up an thought provoking thread and given indication of situation of jobs in future times.

    With the diminishing of Govt jobs and increasing privatisation, the days of easy jobs are going to be over soon. There was a time when getting a job in Govt sector was a joy for ever and the person never bothered for any part time job as the secured and guaranteed pension was also in the back of his mind.

    There is a total paradigm shift going to be there in this situation and once departments like Railways, Post Offices and Banks are fully privatised, the life will become tougher as people will have to continuously enhance their work experience and skills if they want to compete for everything in the open market.

    In China, because of a stringent work culture people whether old or young have no apprehension or reluctance to work as they know that there will not be any money in hand if they do not work. This has made them highly skilled and innovative in their approach and today the world markets are flooded with Chinese items. This is a super example of productivity.

    Once our cosy jobs are gone and everything is 'work and earn' then we are also going to land in same condition albeit in a democratic fashion.

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    These days there are very little chances for getting a government job exists. There is no job guarantee for private organisations. Definitely, these private companies expect a very higher level of performance and higher outputs from their employees also. As such, there is no surety that you will be in the organisation for long. Another problem in these private jobs is the moment the management thinks you are not delivering, they will ask you to leave and there is no pension here. As your age increases you may not put in much energy in the job also. So people started thinking like make hay while the sun shines. They are trying to look for an alternative source of income. Many middle-class families both the partners will be working for this reason only. The savings mentality of the people is also diminishing these days. All these issued put together when you have age and energy you should earn as much as you can. This is the concept these days. In that pursuit, everybody is thinking of doing something on their own and acquiring new skills which will give an edge to them over others.
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