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    What is miscellaneous

    What is miscellaneous in these website what role will play these
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    Miscellaneous means no particular subject. You can just post randomly. Your feelings, opinions, achievements etc. Most of the posts here are of the Miscellaneous category. If you have a particular topic in mind, you may change to the appropriate category.
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    Syeda, I suggest you go through all the guidelines and help topics to get an idea about this site. Browsing through different sections and reading a few contributions from experienced members will help in getting an insight into the requirements of ISC. Do spare some time and read through all available information. The editorial team and all our members will only be glad to help you but learning it yourself does make a difference. All the best!
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    In this forum , when you want to raise any subject or the view or even sharing a information, you have to choose between the general and miscellaneous category and they write. Normally we discuss general topic and you may choose the same. It seems you are having series of doubts and its better you go through the help topics and posting guidelines of this site. Otherwise visit the profiles of members who have been performing very well and read their contributions and responses , and that would give you further confidence and that will surely pep up to start your innings here.
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    Anything which can not be categorised under an appropriate category can be kept under miscellaneous.

    In that sense miscellaneous is one of the most used sub heading of categories and wherever entries of dubious nature are found the sub heading miscellaneous comes to our rescue as we can park them under it.

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    The Webmasters have developed various categories and sub-categories in the Forum section. If the Forum posts don't fit in any of these categories/sub-categories, they are posted under General category. Within General category, Miscellaneous is a sub-category.
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