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    When worlds collide : dillema of discovering the truth between inner and outer worlds

    In recent times i have been facing a constant dillema. The reason for it is a bit metaphysical. You see, i have a problem avoiding anything that has a beautiful threading of words. A few days ago i read that we need to seperate ourselves from the outer world to reawaken the "inner truth" and vice versa. I am a bit confused here. How do we seperate ourselves from either of them when we know that they dont stand without each other. Isnt what we feel inside a response to the stimuli we recieve from outside? isnt the outer world just a potrayal of our inner selves. I would like a bit of help with this.
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    Psychology coins three terms. Shadow, anima and self. Shadow is your dark desires. The inner most subconscious desires that you keep hidden only being afraid of society. Anima is the opposite of what you feel. Imagine you are an awfully pessimistic person. Then a contradictory personality, I.e..; optimistic person is your anima. Self is what you are truly.
    Shadow manifests in everyone. They are your hidden desires.
    Anima is what you want to be. Basically your dream. Literally. Anima is a means of achieving the shadow.
    Anima means something that motivates you or sets you in motion.
    Self, I needn't explain is what you actually are. Your conscience. These three "selfs" are always disputing sending you into confusion.

    Just forget about everything and preserve your Self. Anima will find you soon.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    About dilemma I don't much about it but yes we should always keep focusing
    By Determination one can Accomplish anything

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    Be your inner you. Never get diverted by the outside forces which are bound to disturb your tranquility of living in peace. If you once start obliging the outside world and its demands, then your life from peace would become pieces. Even when you meet a professional. a educationist. a doctor, or a great engineer, everybody would ask you to be self and not to be influenced or copied. Have you ever thought of the challenges being faced by music director or the lyricist. Both have to cooperate and coordinate to create a new song, either to not known and after tuning we all come to know. So they bring in their real inside.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We should always honour our inner feelings and we should not change these feelings based on the outside forces and outside issues. But many of us will always think more about outsiders and their views. This will create a conflict between our inner and outer thoughts. Sometimes under force, we may not be able to behave as we want. This will create dissatisfaction.
    I feel we shouldn't go by what others feel about us. As long as what we do is not harming anybody, we need not feel that we are doing a mistake. We have to be happy and we should make ourselves satisfied with our actions. Many people may not like our actions and but I feel we should not think about their liking as far as what we are doing is not an illegal act or harming the others.

    always confident

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