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    How to participate in contest

    How to take participate in contest and where I have to go to participate
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    It's easy. Go to any ongoing contest forum thread, read the instructions, and by setting category of your forum thread as competition entry, you can contribute.

    Indiastudychannels' managing editor is an amazing person who always gives detailed instructions. These instructions are the same for all the contests mostly. "How to create and hyperlink", "how to select category" etc. .; will be clearly written there.
    Here is an example of a contest

    Find answers to your doubts by reading instructions properly.

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    When the ISC announces any contest there will be a thread raised by the Managing Editor or Lead Editor in which the details of the contest, what to do, how to participate and how to submit our entry etc., will be given clearly in the thread. The terms and conditions & rules and regulations will also be mentioned in the same thread. Once you read that thread fully you will know completely the details and you can participate in the contest.
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    Whenever a contest is announced by the Managing Editor or by a Lead Editor, she/he gives detailed instructions in the Forum thread itself. Go through the instructions minutely and if you have any doubt, you may ask further questions as responses to that thread. The Editors/Members will clear your doubt. The announcement threads are generally pinned in the Forum section.

    You have to regularly check the Forum section to participate in contests which are time-bound in nature.

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    Every contest which is started here in this site is open to all and the announcement to that effect would be made in the home page of the forum and thus we have to see for such contests on daily basis. First half page of the forum is dedicated to the announcement and main rules of this site and having become member, you have right to participate in contests like group discussions, topic of the week contest. Now the current topic *friend or friendship* is being given and you can write a good personal experience, share poetry, prose or anything connected to the friend or friendship and submit a url in the contest thread.
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