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    Being a host of a event how do you welcome a walking visitor, alighted from auto , and from car ?

    Just imagine you are organizer of a great event for which you have sent out the invite to all like ordinary citizen, officials, VIPs, politicians and others. And at the venue, each started coming in. The ordinary visitor comes on walk and auto , the officials comes in car, the politicians alights with lots of supporters. Now my question to every one of you as to how would you welcome each and every one. Do you have separate expression for all. do you make them to seat and lead them to the seat and how would be your behavior with the VIPs.
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    We all are human beings and due to this inherent fact, we have deficiencies in our behaviour with different people at different levels in the society.

    Generally it is seen that we welcome the VIPs with utmost care and respect and welcome the ordinary mortals with average expressions.

    I am also affected by this pattern though I earnestly try to behave with everyone with same spirit.

    Basically, the reason for this differential behaviour stems from the fact that we are very selfish and in hope of some favour from VIPs in future or just to come in their
    good books, we resort to such differentiation.

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    I think every guest that accepts my invitation is a VIP, at any event I organise. I would choose to treat everyone of my guest with the same warmth and respect.

    They are there at my invitation, they have honoured me with their presence. Some guests may be influential others not so, but at my house and at my function they are special.

    I have not had to host an event where the number of invitees was innumerable. The largest gathering that I have hosted in my personal capacity is around 50 people. I have always taken the time to have a few words with my guests, made sure that they have something to drink and enough to eat, and a place to sit.

    I introduce people who haven't met before, so they can strike up a conversation and spend a good evening. I also mingle with the crowd, make small talk, apologise for not giving them more time. That is what a good host should do. No one should be made to feel less important.

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    Yes, I do know that many people differentiate among the guests on the basis of the transport they take. A car-owner is held in high esteem, A Volkswagen-owner (for example) gets more respect from the host.

    In my case, even after living in this artificially made classes of society, I have not forgotten my roots and how I had to struggle during my initial days and more importantly how my parents had to struggle to establish their three children. Till now, I can't differentiate on the basis of transport which the guests use.

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    When we are organising an event we invite different people we know. At the venue, we should receive all the people in a similar way. Some of your guests may be VIPs, rich and special. We need not differentiate the people as VIPs and normal. How they arrived at the venue is not an important issue. Once they arrive at the venue, they are all our guests only.
    But as mentioned by the author I have seen in many places the difference in the treatment. Some people will never care for normal people but for VIPs, they give a special treatment. They will assign Ac rooms and cabs to those special guests and other guests will be normal without any special attention. This attitude is not a correct one and definitely, this will make the other guests annoyed.

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