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    Invoice related question

    Yesterday, I uploaded 3 invoices, for payments made to me in the months of March, April & July. In the past, I have always received an automated response confirming that my invoices have been received by the ISC back office. This time, however, I did not receive any intimation. I waited for 24 hours, but have not received the emails. I have also checked the SPAM box, nothing there. Is this the new normal?

    I request Timmy John to kindly confirm if my invoices have been received at the ISC back office.
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    In my case, this particular automated response has been discontinued several months ago. Nowadays, I don't get automated response when I upload filled-in invoices.
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    Yes I am also of the opinion that ISC is not acknowledging the receipt of our invoices uploaded. Only thing we can do that to wait for conformation of payment information from bank sms.
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    The Webmasters have been requested to confirm the receipt of the invoices & respond here.

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    I am not sure if we had an acknowledgement mail in the past. When someone uploads an attachment, webmasters will get a notification. Also, if webmasters post an update your payment, then you will get an email notification. If you are sure we used to have an acknowledgement feature, then it may have been discontinued long ago.

    Tony John
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    Thank you Tony. Yes, there was an acknowledgement feature, I remember receiving instant automated responses.
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