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    In need of recommendation of some life changing books

    It would be very considerate of you if you could recommend me some books that really make an impact on one's life. I would like to read a book with a philosophical edge. It is not a problem if the book is not well known, infact i would like to know about books that have not been known much but hold really good content.
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    There are some eye-opening fantasies too. You can gain philosophical insight from wordly stuff too. But in my recent memory a purely spiritual book would be "Shiva- the ultimate outlaw" written by Sadguru. I haven't read any book after reading "The count of Monte Cristo". The awesomeness was too captivating.

    If you wish to read a visual novel, read Monster, by Naoki Urusawa. It is one of the best books/(a show was adapted on it) I ever experienced. There are tons of such books.
    You could read anything by Pablo Coehlo.

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    There are many books that I have found inspiration from. In fact, there is an inspiration in everything around you. I don't know what kind of life-changing inspiration you seek, but here is a list of books that I recommend. They make a good read –

    The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
    Blue Highways – A journey into America – William Least Heat-Moon
    The Diving Bell & The Butterfly – Jean Dominique Bauby
    Battlefield of the mind – Joyce Meyers
    Life is so good – George Dawson

    You can also consider reading autobiographies of people who have achieved success despite the odds. There are many who have overcome their fears and risen despite living through tough times. Their stories can be a lesson.

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    Pls check these out -
    1. Siddhartha by Herman Hesse
    2. Wild by Cheryl Strayed
    3. The Monk who sold his Ferrari - Robin Sharma

    There are many more. Do let me know how you like these .

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    There is no better book than yourself to become a life changing inpiration. Have little time, look at your past, what you did good or bad. I feel nothing can more inspires than our own past life.

    The biography, autobiography , inspirational books, devotional books all are good to learn. However, a person know himself/herself better than none. Others life are not different from us, others experience too are no different from us other than a particular subject! Rest all, we live similar life.

    I too have read few books, some inspirational books and few autobiographies/ biography. But nothing can inspire me or life change me more than my life's experience.

    To take few name - one must read Bhagwadgita which has everything about life. And if you find you can read " The secret ". I personally liked these two. But, frankly speaking I don't easily get inspire by others. For me my life experience is the biggest inspirations and motivation.

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    While I do appreciate various members suggesting some best books of their life as the source of inspiration as sought by the author, what I feel that there is nothing like learning best things of life through experience and with the company of elders. Always move with those people who are elder to you and see how the knowledge transfer takes place by virtue of their intimate experience of various challenges of life and how they coped up the problems and stood as the winner. Those who have won the life battle are the real source of inspiration and books knowledge may not cover the real happenings.
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    Books are always a great source of inspiration as well as enlarging the canvass of ones imagination and observation.

    There are many books which are not only enjoyable but add a lot to the areas of our thinking power and intellectual analysis.

    The stories and novels by the great writers like Prem Chand, R. N. Tagore and Sharad Chandra Chatopadhyaya are well known for their educative values.

    On the western side of the globe the books by authors like Leo Tolstoy, Ernest Hemingway, Jack London, Mark Twain and Dostoevsky are worth going through.

    In the recent times works of Paulo Coelho, Zadie Smith, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Ian McEwan, Billy Lynn and Jennifer Egan deserve reading.

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    There are several books one can read and forget and may not get any long-term life-changing effect in their lives. I find some specific books of the Bible (the 4 Gospels and the Book of Acts) to change my life.
    Genesis describes God's creation and early history of mankind. Book of Proverbs is full of counsel on life, business and wisdom.
    I wouldn't worry about religion and stuff like that because there is no religion/man-made stuff there in Bible. But reading this will change your life.

    There used to be a book "God on God" by Scott MacGregor, not sure if it is available. I have the text version of that.

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    The most important question is - what kind of impact you are looking at in your life? If you are feeling too restless, read - "The awakening of Intelligence" by Jiddu Krishnamurti.
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