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    Just a random thought: how can i be a good writer

    May i know some of the tips that make a writer . My writing is way to descriptive sometimes and i have a problem putting some of my thoughts in paper, buti love writing. Any advice on this would be considerate.
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    Read more and understand. This will give you an understanding of how the other people are making efforts in writing. This reading will also make you improve the vocabulary. You will also understand how the author is presenting the subject while narrating the story. You try to read different writers and different topics. Then try to start putting your thoughts on paper in your own words and go on reading the same for some time. You will get some clues while reading to improve the presentation. As you practice this writing and reading you will become perfect in presentation. Practice always makes a person perfect. This is applicable in this case. So start reading and practice writing. All the best to you.
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    Be honest to yourself. By that way you can neglect your influences and inspirations. Otherwise you will keep referencing and imitating people you adore throughout your life.
    You are unique. Devise a style for yourself. Topic can be mundane but the way you narrate it should be honest to your feelings. Ofcourse you won't be able to write splendidly at get go.
    But with practice you will get better.

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    Go on reading and writing as much as possible. When reading select good articles and good books. There will be several articles which may not be considered as typical. Hence select good articles, perhaps selecting good authors can be a good choice.
    Reading quality books is also a best choice. There are several authors who write in good language.


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    To be Honest I am not Writer,but I can give my suggestions to you.How you can be a good writer. It's also a profession because a good writer is not who just write simply by seeing somewhere or by coping from other Source. Be a good writer is skill which everyone does not have. But one can be a good writer.
    1)How can I be a good writer
    You should sit-down with experience writer to get some information or you should at least Communicate with them to get some knowledge about it. apart from you should think by own and whatever you write it should be yours skill.
    You just simply pic some topic from your daily life and start writing about it like that way you can improve you writing skills and you will become a Good Written.

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