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    West Bengal may move upwards, only alphabetically

    We are moving up alphabetically, if the proposal is accepted by the central government. On Thursday, the West Bengal state assembly passed the resolution to rename the state as 'Bangla'. Proposals to change the name of the state started during 1999, but all of them were rejected by the centre. In 2016, three names, one in Bengali, one in Hindi and another in English were proposed, but were returned because there cannot be three names of a State and also the name 'Bangla' is similar to the name of our neighboring country Bangladesh. This time also the same name, which was earlier proposed as a name in Bengali, was given. It is to be seen what the centre does now.

    When the TMC government came to power, it sent the proposal to rename the state on a ground that is unheard of in name change proposals. They said, since West Bengal figures at the bottom of the list of states in alphabetical order, all the other states get a larger share of developmental funds and our state which is at the bottom gets the remaining paltry amount. Hope with this name change proposal, if accepted, we will not lag far behind other states in terms of development.
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    The change of name from West Bengal to Bangla would move the state upwards only alphabetically, but the disastrous condition of the state in economic, industrial, cottage industries, education and law & order fields would not improve. Further, this is being done to make the younger generation forget the very painful history of partition.

    I am not at all impressed.

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    I feel the name Bangla is not suitable for the state. It is similar to the name of Bangladesh and many people may think it is a part of that country. So I don't feel happy with the name. Moving up in the alphabetical order in the list will not ensure any growth. The State government should think of development and do all the needed works to see that the state will progress. As long as that element is missing in the mindset of the rulers, the name is not going to help the state by any means. So the think tank of the state should think and make a roadmap to bring up the state in all aspects and people will definitely appreciate the rulers if it happens.
    As long as the mindset of the rulers there will not change I think progress in the state may be at a distance only. The voters of the state should think about this and use their vote power properly so that people who want to bring in the development will come to power and see that the state will develop and this move on to the top of the ladder of development.

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    Renaming states, districts, villages, roads and streets have become a fashion (read passion) in the present scenario and so I don't think there is anything wrong in the renewed demand by the West Bengal government to change the name of the State. But 'Bangla' does not seem to be as appealing as West Bengal and moreover resembles our neighbouring country Bangladesh. Progress and development of a state do not depend on its name nor is the allocation of funds based on the alphabetical order a state is placed in. After all, as is said, what is in a name?
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    One really wonders what is there in a name. Ms Mamta's performance, as most members say, is not at all up to the mark. She has always treated the BJP as enemy number one. It remains to be seen how the change in name can bring about any massive change. The poorest of the lot are already into the most horrible jobs in the construction sector in most of South India. This is one again a total failure of the State Government to provide even the most basic amenities.

    One really fails to understand how the poor are so poor and are not able to live in their own State. The situation in West Bengal is so bad.

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    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    Well renaming the state is the prerogative of every state government to which we cannot interfere or stop. But what I feel that the new name "Bangla" in Hindi means building or palace. So it may not suit in larger interest.
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    Renaming the state wont have much change in the condition of state.The several problems cant be renamed the state is facing.I think CM is using just to justify the plea.The form of politics played in West Bengal is not healthy concerned with people and development.The state must reform not in alphabetical manner but more in development keeping aside the politics and cinematic play.

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