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    Implementing the Biometric system in educational institutions

    Do you feel the biometric system to monitor punctuality of teachers is a good change? Join in the discussion on its benefits and downsides, if any.

    Recently, TS government has introduced the biometric system in teacher and pupil attendances. It is a drastic change in the field of education. It is shameful that some of the teaching community have not shown responsibility in attending the school in time. There is no problem for the sincere teachers for whom this method is a justified one.

    What do ISCians think about this revolutionary change in the educational field?
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    If we consider the job profile of teachers, lecturers or professors, we will easily understand that those who are in the teaching profession are required to take a fixed number of classes everyday. In addition, they have to check papers, projects and homework of the students. So, they should not be brought under the fixed hour pattern of work ensured by the biometric system.

    But it has been noticed that some teachers (including lecturers and professors) misuse the provision. They don't reach school/college on time, do not take classes and do not check students' papers properly. So, in many places, Governments are bringing them under the biometric system.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    I don't find anything wrong in bringing teaching community also to Biometric system. In my opinion, this system should be extended to Universities also. Primary school teachers, high school teachers will have fixed classes every day. So they should attend the school before his class starts and he should be there till his last class for the day is over. But in colleges and universities the workload is less and hence they should concentrate on student development and research. But many of these teachers in the higher study institutions are taking advantage of this workload and using the time for some other earning without concentrating on the students and class. So bringing the biometric system should be extended to college and Universities, I feel.
    The quality of education and research should improve in our universities and colleges and the outcoming people should have a better guidance from the teachers so thst they will also become world-class students and get better chances for employment.

    always confident

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