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    How did you spend your weekend?

    How all of us -be in school, working, housewives all look forward to the weekend. Possibly we are looking for a breather so that the entire family can get together and spend some quality time. Also to catch up on some sleep, hobbies and pending work if any.

    So anything special happened over the weekend? Let me consider mine; It was spent with the family and it was raining so we haven't stepped out. So nothing special except that I watched a really nice Satyajit Ray movie on youtube.

    Do share what all interesting stuff you did over the weekend.
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    Nothing spectacular. Read a lot, wrote two articles. Collected materials for some of my future articles, watched endless television debates, quarreled with my wife a little bit, talked to my daughter, ate some Bengali food-items and slept a lot.

    Last week I ordered a book titled "Eleventh Hour" by S. Hussain Zaidi. The book was delivered on Friday evening. Completed the book and now trying to find the mistakes/inaccuracies in the story (it is one of my peculiar habits). At the same time chalking out tomorrow's plan of action for work in office.

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    Weekends are usually reserved for socialising. We met up with some friends on Saturday night, for a potluck and some 'gup-shup'. It is a monthly affair, all of us live in the same neighbourhood and have over the years, become good friends. We have been having these get-togethers for a while now.

    Sunday mornings are dedicated to Church, so, as usual, I went to Church. After which, hubby and I went to a barbeque place for brunch. This has become the new normal for us. On Sundays, we have a light breakfast and opt for a good brunch and glut, as though, there is no tomorrow. It gives us time to relax and unwind and spend time with each other.

    The rest of the weekend was spent doing routine jobs around the house and a scheduled video chat with my daughter.

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    Weekends are not very different for me. The same routine, the same story and the same pass time activities.

    Incidentally, this particular weekend brought a big change for me. I came to Banglore on Thursday and will be here with my brother for a few days. He has a single house on ground floor and a small lawn and a few flower plants and and two fruit trees in it.

    I have come first time in this house and was very much impressed with the locality and the greenery and cleanliness around.

    The housing society has a big campus and there is good pathways for walkers.

    My weekend was full of excitement in this beautiful area and we had long walks, chit-chat with the new people in the neighbourhood.

    I am planning to visit the nearby markets in the coming weekend.

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    This weekend was marred by the overcast conditions. I planned few things, but couldn't go outside because of the weather. Generally, I spend the Sunday mornings in our housing committee office to keep a tab on what's going on around. Yesterday, there was an important meeting also and it went on till the afternoon.

    The evening was reserved for friends. Since there was no rain in the evening, we went for a long walk in our area. Our place is a bit far away from the main city, so the greenery is still there. We strolled around to have a look at the nature after rains.


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    This weekend all our family members were in the house. So on Saturday evening, we all went to a Circus show near our area. My granddaughter enjoyed the circus and throughout the show, she was just laughing only. But for us it is Ok. But not very impressive. Anyhow that evening went off well. On Sunday we were in the house. we have not gone anywhere. Just spend the time within the house only playing cards and watching TV. Time is moving fast with my granddaughter for me. So not feeling like going out.
    Yesterday evening some friends came to our house and we all sat together for some time and they had dinner with us at the house and left at 9 PM. Then we were with TV watching Telugu Big Boss show.

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    Weekend is very good for Students, workers, Employee, they can take rest atleast one day in all of the day. They can go out with friends, families and relatives and can enjoy their weekend. I think weekend should be must for those people to sit down relax and take rest for atleast one day. And they can Concentrate well in their work well because to much is harmless for human being.stress is not good for human being, lots of stress they can loose their mental ability, they will go crazy so it's better to be have a great weekend to get rid of too much work loaded and lots of stress and over Burden of pressure.
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    We used to look at the weekends when both of us (myself and wife) were working. Our weekends were limited to only one day since we were in Government service. Since we were getting only one day, mainly we do some general cleaning works of house. During the evening time we used to visit family friends.

    Now after retirement we spend almost everyday as weekend. Perhaps on weekends, especially on Sundays, we attend some general programmes held in a park in our neighbourhood. The last weekend it was raining and hence spent the day at home.


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    In this weekend I enjoyed a Doing Some homework And Watching Phone and Working Something. I think weekend is good to spend the time with this weekend our all family members were get together and we enjoyed a lot. We had a Small party in our House. So this weekend is quite good and better then other weekends.
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    Week ends are reserved for meeting the friends and relative who have been calling us to share few hours with them. During week days, we are busy and wont even have time to interact on phone. At least on week ends , even children would have some spare time and thus they would love to visit the relatives and friends. But Sunday is the day for sleeping and relaxing before the tv. Both children of mine would watch television and my wife shall attend her school pending work, and I shall visit this channel and other personal works. So the entire family would be in the house to complete their task.
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    For me, the weekend is only the Sunday and one Sunday a month the morning is for my personal time, then a lazy lunch followed by a short visit to the shopping areas with family and a quick dinner. This time, the pizza house won the argument and we ended up having a good time for a few hours in the evening.
    The magic of the Sunday, lets you unwind and look at the clock in an unalarming way without many deadlines, some Sundays, it's just practicing the art of doing nothing for a few hours before catching up with the non-urgent work related to home and finance.

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    IT was lovely to read all your weekend stories. One thing is clear everyone likes to relax a bit followed by good family time at home or outside. Nice walks also win my vote. Books and movies are other favorites. Keep enjoying!

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