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    How to Make your Body in Correct Shape

    Loosing Weight is not an easy task because you have maintain a proper diet and also you have to exercise regularly.Consistency is more Important to see results. Proper will help you to maintain your body but if you want to shed those extra kilos then you have to exercise regularly and do some yoga for shaping your body.before exercise you should Remember this
    1)Warm up
    Warm up is necessary to everyone before starting exercise
    You can stretch your body after your heavy workout
    It is very important because some people skip yoga they only do lifting,core but they forgot to do yoga remember that if you want to make your body in correct shape then yoga is the best
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    Yes keeping the body fit and correct shape is the ultimate aim and requirement of every Individual especially the females who are more conscious about this matter. Some ladies have their body tone up from the birth itself as they would not regain the fatty looks even after eating good junk foods and no exercise. But there are many who have already become obese and now want to control their diet and food habits which is difficult to maintain. Invariably they deceive themselves and their promise and end up eating those food which are banned for them which were the cause for fatty looks. Nevertheless the friends of the ladies would prevail on them to look good and pretty and not to waste time on eating unnecessary things and spoiling the health. Those who have homely food all the time are free from any disease.
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    It is true that exercise and yoga are very important for keeping the body fit. One should follow a regular pattern of exercise and yoga to maintain the body the way he wants it. Once you got accumulated your weight it is a very difficult task to lose that excess weight. So from the beginning, we can have a regular round of exercise and yoga so that our body will be under control. The increase in weight is harmful in many ways and these days people are very particular about their weight maintenance.
    The author brought the importance of yoga in shaping our body fit. In addition to exercise one should think of yoga also for at least 15 to 20 minutes daily which will give us a better physique. So as advised by the author everyone should go for Yoga and exercise regularly and keep the body under control. It is very essential to go for exercise daily to maintain their body of correct size and shape.

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    First of all, we need to understand what factors contributes to the bad shape of the body. Is it the lifestyle or the bad eating habits or something else? I believe it's the combination of bad lifestyle & bad eating habits.

    Body is the mirror of our routine & eating habits (what stuff & how much we eat). Yoga and exercises are the secondary activities, primary concern should be the cause, which resulted into this situation.

    If we do not amend the primary cause, anything we do to improve our body shape or health, might not work well in the long run. I believe it's the problem that is of more importance than the solution. Problem itself contains the solution.

    We have this habit of ignoring the problem (we will least time & energy in understanding the problem) and prefer to jump directly to the solution.

    Proper understanding of the problem is a solution in itself.

    "If you want to make real progress, you must give up all ideas of personal attainment".

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