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    Education is very important for everyone

    Education is of importance to all, irrespective of gender. That's the core focus of this thread, where you can join in to discuss the significance and value of education for everyone.

    Nowadays education is very important for girls as well as boys. In today's world education has become the wide range of resources for everyone; without education we cannot survive in this world education is compulsory for everyone. But in our country education has not much improved in rural areas, whereas in urban areas education has improved well. For girls as well as boys. But in rural areas people don't give much attention to girls education. I don't know why they think girls don't need education because they don't do anything and that they just simply get married and are depending upon their husbands. However, everywhere we need education because people will be fooled in many ways as there are those who scam people who don't know anything, who are illiterate and unable to read anything.
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    There is a wrong notion among the parents that the girl child is to be married over the period of time and she has to serve the husband and in laws and for that there need not be professional education and a formal education is enough. But now a days the perceptions has changed even in the villages . The villagers are insisting that their daughter in law should also be well educated and be working in some big companies and in villages the elders would have much free time and they are ready to look after the children after marriage. So the situation is not that bleak as perceived by the author. However there are every chance of boys getting discontinued from the education as the father who is also a farmer wants his legacy be continued and the child be trained for the farm works to know more. So the drop outs of male child from schools are increasing.
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    It is said that without education a person is just like an animal. I believe it as true.

    There should not be differentiation in imparting education to the boys and girls. The purpose of educaction is not only the earning the livelihood or to earn money. It has a bigger function of bringing light in the minds of people with which they can see the world in a totally different way.

    The power of education is immense. The ocean of knowledge is very big but a few drops from it can make a person wise and prudent.

    If we want that coming generations be useful for the society it is imperative that without considering any gender bias, all of them should be compulsorily educated.

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    Education is very important for human beings. The education-only will make the human being different from other animals. The human being will get knowledge through education. Without education, the human being can't utilise the brain that has been given to him by the God properly and may behave more or less like an animal only.
    Education is also a wealth which can't be stolen by anybody. Education will increase as you spend it more and more. Where ever you go you will be respected for your education only. You will not feel like a foreigner when you are in a foreign place if you are educated properly. So education is very important for a human being.

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    I agree with the author. The mindset of the average Indian, in the rural belt, is as she has described. There is also this perception among the masses that a highly educated girl will not find an equally educated boy. Parents still feel that educating a girl is a waste of money, as she eventually has to go away to 'her house' or as they say in some parts of the country 'sasural' 'doosrey ke ghar'.

    The Government has introduced various schemes for the girl child, in the hope that it will spread awareness among parents, especially the marginalised group.

    It is only the urban class that really understands the importance of education among girls. For everyone else, girls are still a burden, who belongs to someone else.

    My maid, for instance, has enrolled her son in a private English medium school, while her daughter studies in the Panchayat run school. There is severe discrimination practised by parents, in our society.

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    Education plays a significant role in India. On the contrary, not all parents afford to finance for their children's education. The cost of fess and expenditures has become very high in private institutions, which has made poor parents unable and incapable of financing education fess for their kids.

    On the top of this, education can be change our country especially the poor children's of India, only if Government teachers regularly teaches the students like we have in private ones.

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    Education is a need of hour to all,no doubt. But educated when acting without culture,the education to him or her is absolutely waste. Now we are seeing in newspapers that persons of educational institutions behaved badly as well criminally. To them the is of education is nil. To eradicate this spreading culture from the young plants serious steps should be taken by relavant authorities to modify the system by incorporating morel education, especially with examination by keeping this as one compulsory subject. That subject should contain lessons from all religions of our country.

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    It helps us build opinions and have points of view on things in life. People debate over the subject of whether education is the only thing that gives knowledge 156-915.80 VCE dumps . Some say education is the process of gaining information about the surrounding world while knowledge is something very different. They are right.

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