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    Mother is everything for their Children

    Having Wonderful Mother. Mother the Word I can't express in my Words Because my words would be worthless to our Mother. No body can Express the love of Mother for their Children. Mother is
    the wonderful in the World She know the pain of the Child. The child need not to tell his mother that he is suffering from pain.because she know the every nerves of the child. No body care their Mother in a good manner. But every body love their Mother but no body could understand what are the pain that she suffered from to give the birth of the child. No body could ever understand except a woman.
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    Truly said by the author. Mother is such a person who knows every thing about us, every move about us and she can guarantee as what we want at what time. Such is the intimate relation of mother and child and both are inseparable. No matter the child becomes intelligent, professional or even King or the Prime Minister, for mother he is the child for ever. In this regard I respect the mother of the Prime Minister Narender Modi, who was so humble and simple and never used that tantrums to which she is eligible to claim and enjoy. That is the great character of a caring and most loved mother.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A mother carries a child in her for nine months as a part of her body. She will have the highest relation with her children more the father also. A mother only can understand the child better in all respects. What is good and what is not required for the children is better known to her only than anybody else. Even when a child is grown up and making his/her own way of life also, the mother will try always to protect then all evils. There is no replacement for mother's love in this world. We can't describe the love and affection that will be shown by a mother towards her children. Mother is the first teacher of all of us and we start learning from her only.
    always confident

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    The author has beautifully explained the unconditional love of a mother to her children. There is no one else in this world who can love you as much as your mother does.

    It is said that mother is the appearance of God. A mother can even sacrifice her life to save her children.

    Please respect mothers always whatever condition they are in. It is the children's responsibility to take care of their mother when she needs them. As the mother grows older, we need to treat them like our children to help them fulfill their needs and keep them happy.

    A humble suggestion to the author to improve the grammar and use punctuations appropriately.

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