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    Children who grow under the shadow of elders are always winners

    We have come across many threads and posts in this forum as to the problems faced by the present day couples who both happens to be working persons and by virtue of that they are unable to look after their children and that is very challenging situation. If the postings of the job is outside the native, then the elders wont come as they have their own commitments in life. And for the first five years of child nurturing is very important and if that is done with the able guidance of the elders, the children are guaranteed to be super intelligent and know many intricacies of life at the young age by virtue of daily learning experience from the elders. So children go wiser and more intelligent under the shadow of elders.

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    While I appreciate the respect and the high-esteem that you hold elders in, I do not agree that their presence guarantees that children turn out smarter and super intelligent.

    I would say a lot depends on the calibre of the elder, as well. Being elderly and experienced does not necessarily translate into being an earnest well-meaning teacher. There are different kinds of experiences and not all experiences can help the elderly stimulate the child's brain.

    There is no fixed formula for children turning into super-intelligent beings. Elderly are not like some super-foods that help build muscles

    In fact, a study shows that children inherit their intelligence genes from the mother. You can read the article here –

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    The guardians play the most important role for all-round development of a child. Parents are always the first teacher of a child and the teachings during the formative years create a long lasting impression among the kids. For this, the parents themselves must have good manners which a child can emulate.

    Intelligence is mostly inherited, that can be developed during nurturing years, but super intelligent or winner is always relative and dependent on situations. It's a kind of comparison, that can be done away with while nurturing a child. After all life is not at all about winning or losing, it is not a game. It's all about living life in a wonderful way in every situation and the parents should lead a life in a way that helps the child to understand this.


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    The children should receive a good guidance in the hour of need so that they will be on the correct path. The children may not have the full maturity and may be tempted by some outside attractions. At those times the children should be given a proper guidance and see that they will be on the right path. Such children who get timely advice and directions from the elders will be on the right path always.
    This will help the children to learn the difference between good and bad. So parents care for the children is very important. The intelligence may be an inheritance but hard work is a personal quality only. So parents can see that their children will work hard in the right direction and such people will have better chances to come up in the life. Even intelligent people also if not going in a correct path and not industrious may not be successful always.

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    Of course one should always be confident in what he or she will do or did. Shadow is the human which we cannot see but we can see his or her shadow.
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    The author has put up a nice thread and has emphasised the presence of elders for the well being of children and getting success in life.

    Though to some extent it may be applicable but there are many factors which contribute for becoming a winner in life.

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    Umesh, elders at the house would see that the child would not get distracted from any source during their nurture and that itself throws lots of weight in their development.
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    And Juana if a mother is intelligent and by virtue of it , if she has good intelligent children, again the credit should go to the grand mother, who is elder. Hope you got the point.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A nice narration about how elders look after children and teaching them good things in life. I would agree that they would have no shortage of love and affection but it would not translate to superintelligence.

    In the real sense in some houses, the children 'use'the grandparents as childminders of grandchildren and guardians of homes and flats. I don't say this is wrong, but it is more of emotional misuse of the poor elderly people.

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