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(This thread is the Special Prize winner of Topic based month end TOW contest for the month Jul'18 on topic -Shadow )
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    Dark shadow beneath her eyes tells the painful story

    It is 8 p.m. The number of vehicles has gone down considerably. Throughout the day, it was raining. Now the rain has stopped. There is no one waiting at the bus-stop.

    She has been standing there all alone. She is waiting eagerly. Her saree is glittering. She has partially hidden her manicured face with the colourful umbrella. If a person watches closely, he would understand that she has used heavy make-up.

    A car has stopped. She moves expectantly. The man comes out, sniggers at her, goes to the nearby kiosk, purchases a packet of cigarettes, enters the car and drives away. She sighs heavily and resumes waiting.

    Another car stops beside her. Another man comes out. He looks at her. He invites her inside the car. While she is entering, the man suddenly asks her to stop, looks closely, opens the purse, takes out a Rs. 500/- note, hands it over and drives away.

    The man has been able to understand the painful story which the dark shadow beneath her eyes tells. With the money, she will return to her humble residence. But before that, she would purchase medicine for her ailing husband and food for her young baby.

    (Competition entry: ToW)
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    A very good narration. Really there are such people who sacrifice everything for taking care of their family. But how many people will understand their agony like the gentleman in the story understood. The author has made the story well with his good writing skills.
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    A nice write-up Partha. Depicts another side of man, one that overshadows lust and carnal desires.
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    It's a wonderful story and I can see the pain in the eyes of the author also. If only, many could felt the pain in this way, we would have a better place to live in.

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    A very good, quality story narrated by you. While reading it felt as if I was watching a movie scene. Amazing control on your write-up. All the best for this TOW.

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    Wow what a write up. Author has coined out something unique stuff considering the tow topic and felt like watching a film with great interest, The narration was very good.
    K Mohan
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    Mr. Mohan: There is nothing unique in this story. If we observe closely, we can notice such an unfortunate happening in every big city of India.
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    Very well narrated by the author. Great man who understands the woman. I wish every man should be like this so no woman faces trouble in the society.

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    Amazing imagery to a rather sad story.
    Difficult life experiences cast rather deep shadows under our eyes. Probably these tell our life story to whose care to listen to the unspoken words.

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    A good write up to understand the different shadows of men. Well done Partha.
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