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    Is this choice of profession a sacrifice?

    Can prostitution be termed as a sacrifice?

    I raise this question in response to Srinivasa Rao's comment.

    My understanding of this profession is different. A big mafia exists that traffics young girls and women and forces them into prostitution. It is more a kind of slavery and extreme exploitation. Most are forced into the profession.

    But, there are some who choose to get into this profession, of their own will. They do so knowingly – they know it's easy money. Whatever be their reasons, they do it for the money. I will not question the choice they make but won't glorify them for their 'sacrifices' either. Does it need to be romanticised?

    Are there no other ways of making a living?
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    I am pained to say that prostitution is the result of lust of males in this world. It was never a profession. It was created and presented by the dominating gender as a profession. It was never a choice, it was imposed on them.

    Today we are perceiving it as an profession because there are enough people who are paying for it. It is a curse of society on the innocent and gullible girls.

    Girls, who are prudent enough will never go this route. It is not only a question of moral or ethical values, it is more of health and hygiene.

    We talk so much of gender equality. Let us eradicate the evil of prostitution from society and prove that we believe in gender equality.

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    Prostitution is widespread in the society. There are people who force the ladies to go for this. Some ladies they are going on their own for their living. These two types are already mentioned by Juana. But there are some ladies who under some circumstances will go for this. They don't like but forced due to some necessities. They do it for the sake of taking care of their family or some sort of such problems. There I feel that it is a sacrifice only. Anyhow different people will have different views. There is no rule that everyone should agree with other's statement.
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    If we go by the definition of 'Sacrifice', then we can say it's either surrendering something as offering or giving up something valuable for the sake of something other. Considering these two, I would say sacrifice is also a choice if not somebody is forced into prostitution.

    It's really an alarming situation when so many adolescents are forced into prostitution and many a times the law enforcing agencies do not pay much heed to these cases until and unless they are prodded by different women's organizations or NGOs. In some cases, it is the very near one's who forces these girls in this trade. If we go by the reports of the rescue and rehabilitation of these young ones, we can see how sordid their tale is and how difficult it is to move out of this trade after getting entangled. Nobody will choose this trade of prostitution if no other source of income is available. It's either by choice or by force.


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    This is a question too tricky to answer. But one thing is for sure. Prostitution has been around before agriculture. Keeping rich men happy, became a profession. Some prostitutes were even made concubines. So when the profession started, it started as an easy way to procure money. But the physical and psychological toil in this particular profession is beyond imagination. They definitely do sacrifice many things. A social life, a family, a right for freedom etc...;

    Can't they choose any other way? Is prostitution a choice? Well it is for the unemployed underqualified. Jobs require skills. Even prostitutes are supposed to have skills. But these skills are more like...hospitality, seduction and other stuff. These skills can be learnt easier by putting bodies as investment. So no wonder desperate women join this profession out of dire circumstances or their own will.

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    I think whatever profession anyone is in, there are both problems and perks, like a package deal. Even for those choosing to go into prostitution, it is not always glorious and easy money, as they do meet creeps in all levels of society. They too get abused and assaulted and harassed but they can't go to the authorities either. They are no different from others who use other parts of their body to work and get paid. A data analyst uses his brain/analytical skills and earns something. The bodyguard uses his brawn and reflexes to protect someone and earns. There are those who offer goodies of unlimited calls/data and entice us to buy their plans….
    See, everybody works and earns for using their assets. So what is the need to categorize prostitutes at a lower peg?

    Whatever be the case, the laws of the land have the final say in these matters.

    Are there no other ways of making a living? – right now there is a huge problem of migrants moving from Africa, South America and Mideast areas into Europe and north America. It is mainly because the powerful nations exploited the resources and continue to steal and loot without consequence. The local people of those countries face a major problem, where the rulers are hugely wealthy and a tiny % of population, and the rest of 70-98% are poor. In many places there is no middle class. So for most of these affected peoples, there are very few options, all of them to be subservient to some new oppressor and be slaves in the flesh trade or be drug runners or do other illegal activities just to survive. It is a horrible, on-going situation, and it is no help at all to fault those who take up what is available including prostitution to earn some money to feed their family or children etc. So yes, it is a bigger sacrifice with greater humiliation than most of us realize or even want to understand.

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    What I feel that when a woman feels neglected, lonely , discarded by one and all and yet want to live for the vengeance to be taken against others, may choose as the last resort for the prostitution. If a woman is alone the wrong doers in the society would eye her anyway and thus that kind of situation may force her to the flesh trade. But again , here the society has to be blamed. Given her ability and willingness to live, a proper way must have been created to live in decent way, but some are helpless , and may be facing total depression on present life and hence vexed with the situation she may opt for the last trade in the society. I bet no woman would ever like to be harassed and used that way, but some want to live and compete with others , no matter what the immediate society says. That is the reason being so even single woman has been given respect by Telangana government by giving monthly pension.
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    1. Most of the women in this profession were forced to join this profession by the women traffickers.
    2. A small percentage joined this profession due to poverty.
    3. Some young women join the sophisticated version of this profession for the lure of easy money. But the percentage of such women is very less in India, but it is increasing every year.

    But nowadays we also note the phenomenon of male prostitution in bigger cities.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Prostitution is very seldom a profession by choice. There are many who are forced, some are tricked into the trade, some fall into traps and find it difficult to escape and some do take it up as a last resort having no other choice. It is not wrong to say that some sacrifice their own life for the sake of their family and get into the business. By saying so, we are not glorifying the profession but is just accepting a fact. I don't think any woman would be happy in letting men use their body in return for money even when they are into it voluntarily. And let us also remember that there are male prostitutes too but most of them are into the business voluntarily. In both the cases, there is no intimacy or romance because there is never a meeting of the minds.
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    That's a lot of different perspectives. Appreciate everyone for sharing your views on this rather sensitive topic.
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    A rather grey area to be able to take a stand confidently. No one knows their inside story. What they must have gone through in their hearts and minds before they took up this profession.
    Maybe such conditions of poverty and illiteracy still do exist that could force someone t make such choices.
    Nowadays, apparently, there are very high profile escorts available and possibly it's a calculated choice rather than a sad sacrifice.

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