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    Intolerance is growing. Do we have the coping skill?

    How to cope with a tough situation instead of becoming intolerant of every such case? Express your views and give useful advice on the topic of this thread.

    "It happened for you only". Yes, many of us say this whenever we face any tough situation. Be it at home, workplace, educational institutes, public transport and everywhere when another person or a group is there. At times, people get into unnecessary arguments that turn nasty. There is a growing intolerance among people where everyone thinks everything will work in a way only she/he wants. It is very unrealistic to think that everything will work in a perfect way. It's a natural tendency to blame the stress of regular life for this growing intolerance, but is it really so? Do we have the necessary coping skill to deal with any tough situation in life? Possibly we do not have, that's why there is a tendency to avoid any situation rather than managing it effectively.

    It's an age of information, information everywhere and about everything, even misinformation too. Everybody tends to look for a solution, to any problem in the net and becomes confused with the stream of information. It may be much better to share our problems with friends or elders who have managed similar situations in life. There is an urgent need to develop coping skills among kids and also among guardians who are unable to manage kids. More 'offline' social interactions, we are too used to the online methods, among all sections of the society may turn out to be a possible solution. What do the members think?
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    The people are not able to face the tough situations and come out successful. So they will try to blame something or other for their situation. Some people can't withstand the pressure and in such case, they are finding faults with other people. But it may not be a correct way. One should think of various ways and means to come out of the problem. They should also take the suggestions of elderly persons and also the people who faced such situations and act accordingly. In this world, every person is having some or other problem and each one thinks of his own problem. That is why when we tell our problems the person will try to come out with his own problems. So we should be able to hear them also properly. If we think their problem is not that severe then the problem between the two people starts and go for unnecessary discussions. So we should not think that everyone in the world will view your problem as seriously as you think. We all should think about our own problems and develop skills to come out of such problems.
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    I was expecting CC to this thread, whenever such thread which conveys admin message gets CC. It is a point be noted for everyone and an easy way to get CC in the ISC.

    I just want to tell one simple message, it is very easy to comment or pour your extraordinary "Gyan" on the cricket player while sitting in the stadium or watching it on TV. But, It is very difficult to justify situations or point when you yourself gone through it.

    We all have this tendency, to justify others from our point of views but the same can't be said when you yourself in that "situation". So it is nothing but yet another thread of regular "Gyan".

    Above all, no one look for solutions, if it is so, we do not have so many misunderstanding. If you try to become the hero, people will make you villain. This is what has happened everywhere and ISC too for what they provide the CC, they themselves ignore it.

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    We have had similar discussions in the past. Apart from intolerance, I think it is important to mention the other key things that has risen a lot is the apathy towards a fellow human being, crime, abuse and the justification by many that the means do not matter when compared to the end result.

    These lead to conflict, envy, crime etc. There are few circumstances which most of us would face due to genuine overwhelming difficulities.

    For ourselves, we need to take things at face vaule with a pinch of salt, then try to ignore social media and gossip incorrect facts based discussions and arguements.

    On the road, in public places and office space, we need to take a little step backward, avoid escalating trivial issues and give the troublesome people a cold shoulder or ignore them keeping in mind that by doing so, we have avoided negative thoughts and the adverse emotions.

    With regards to coping skills, life is the best teacher, we need to prepare our children to understand and accept failure, having a bad day etc.

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    Intolerance is everywhere. Many people have it and they show it in public time and again.

    There are normal people also who are patient enough to mitigate the situation with cordial and cooperative ways.

    Due to the stress and pressure of modern life we are unnecessarily irritating even in the places we should not have.

    So people are simply releasing their frustration of one place at some other place which has no logic.

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    Yes intolerance is growing and what could be the reason ? Firstly people want to put forth their thinking line be accepted by all which is not correct and cannot happen. People expect everything be happening as per their expectations and perseverance. Which is again not possible. During any discussion, the smooth going breaks out, when others penetrate into unwanted issues which is not connected to the matter and thus by raking up no important matter which is indirectly connected to the issue being deliberated, suddenly the atmosphere gets flared up with intolerance and abuse. And one reason that those who obedient to some by virtue of their position in the office and home, they do get bombarded for their misgivings and since they cannot retard there, they tend to take the avenge on some one through frustration which is happening on daily basis.
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    There is only one thing that angers me. Dysfunction. I get extremely furious when things don't work the way they are supposed to. That is the only time I display intolerance.

    We all make plans. Running into life without a strategy can be foolish. And not all plans are meant to be successful. Disappointment is inevitable. But the individual intolerance is insignificant before the grand scale of intolerance in our country. We are intolerant towards several things. The present day Indians have a closed and crude mind disabling them to accept things the way they are.
    When you accept, intolerance vanishes .

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    When Someone who tried much and not get. Anything what he or she wantsto be then it Becomes intolerance in the people they don't have enough patience to handle anymore because they are tire to be patient enough. Everyone wants to be a good,intelligent and wants to be some great status in the surroundings where he or she live. When people try to get something but unfortunately they unable to get that. Then it becomes intolerance for them.
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