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    Most of the times, people use the negative past tense wrongly

    Confused about the correct usage of negative past tense? Learn through this thread its correct usage.

    People usually use double past tense in a sentence. The helping verb describes the tense in which the action is done and hence we can use the root verb instead using the past tense of the verb. For example,

    We didn't take it.

    Here, "did not" is the helping verb which shows the action is done is the past tense. Hence we need not say the main verb in past tense. Usually I notice people use it wrongly. Example

    We didn't took.

    We do not have to use the past tense of the main verb as the helping verb already describes the tense of the verb. People usually make mistake while speaking the negative past tense.
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    It is true. Most of the time, Indians make this mistake. We must be very careful while writing. After completion of the write-up, we must check more than once before posting to rectify such mistakes.
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    The author has rightly pointed out a mistake. Often we do these type of mistakes without knowing the exact use. All of us need to be careful while writing, be it in our daily life, exams or forums. Before publishing anything, this is a must. Gone are the days of pen & paper. Now most of the time they are used in exams only. It has become much easier to edit writings with the help of different editing tools.

    Another important thing is proper editing. Many a times, in newspapers, magazines and of course on different websites, we come across some little grammatical or spelling mistakes to which we are becoming used to. If we see mistakes regularly, then there is a tendency to do the same mistake in our everyday life. So everywhere before publishing anything, online or offline, we must check for any mistakes and correct it accordingly.


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