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    In Assam, more than 40 lakh people are found to be invalid citizens of India.

    This is as per the final draft of the "National Register of Citizens" was published today in Assam. According to this draft, more than 40 lakh people were found to be invalid citizens of India. In addition that that the register was in a draft state and that people left out of the register would still be able to appeal and present objections. The process of NRC update was taken up in Assam as per a Supreme Court order in 2013 in order to wean out cases of illegal migration from Bangladesh and other adjoining areas.

    For the information of the readers, The National Register of Citizens, or NRC, is the list of Indian citizens in Assam & being updated to weed out illegal immigration from Bangladesh & neighboring regions.

    Since long this has been into hot debates & now seeing them happening. Yet another bold step from the current government & I appreciate it but quite possible that few would find this on a communal angle & would cry & we will also be witnessing few Human Rights Activists coming in support of the illegal migrants.
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    When PM Modi was contesting elections and happen to visit Assam during the campaigning he promised illegal immigrants who came from other countries especially Bangladesh would be sent back. So the National Registrar of Citizens has identified more than 40,00,000 such persons and they are being sent to that country. That means they should not stay back anymore in India nor further asylum period would be extended. If the immigrants would have come with that country's information and approval, then India could have done something and now their stay seems to be illegal.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is a very serious problem which is not handled properly from the beginning. Recently only this work started and the National Register of Citizens identified more than 40 lakh people. How the governments all these days allowed this is a question which can't be explained properly. Sending so many people out now is not an easy task. We might happy stopped this trespassing long back. Anyhow some work is started now by the present central government. Let us hope some action will be initiated to send back these illegal immigrants to their respective places.
    always confident

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    This is really a serious issue. However, on the humanitarian ground saying we should send them back is something to think very sensitively. We are talking about human lives when even we keep animals at home with luxury facilities.

    No, I am not talking that we should leave this issue and shut our eyes. I am talking about if ever we would like to send them back wherever they belong to, the Government should make it sure that they reach their home with safe and respectfully. It is all about people of all age. For whatever reason, they migrated most of them would be poor and helpless. Let we not give them the pain and harassment in the name of illegal migration.

    When they were coming, we kept our eyes and mouth shut with doing no action, now when it has become a big problem, we are trying to solve this issue. The problem should be solved with a more mature and sensitive way rather than creating politics from it.

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    I was trying to avoid commenting on this issue. I feel that many people are not fully aware of the ground reality of Assam. Dhuburi, Borpeta, Dhuliajan, Bongaigaon, Shivsagar, Dhuliajan and Mongoldoi are rapidly becoming dominated by Bangladeshi Muslims. In Kacchar valley, in Silchar and Karimganj, Bengali Hindus are becoming a minority. Bodos are fighting against this influx in Kokrajhar violently. Even Karbi Anglong district is suffering. Along with this very rapid change of demographic profile, the number of heinous crimes has increased by leaps and bounds.

    Time has come to speak the truth. Time has come to take hard decisions. Time has come to save the integrity of the country. Please remember that the Supreme Court has also expressed serious concern.

    Let's fight the vote-hungry politicians, who, in the name of secularism, are destroying the country. Let's send back the illegal immigrants who are indulging in all sorts of nefarious activities on Indian soil.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    We had some serious debates on this during the earlier times too when we discussed a lot about the Rohingyas & the evidences of genocide of the Hindu communities but hope that the Hindu community has no importance & the humanity to the world forum & specially to the Indian politicians. If we continue to be ignored of this then only we would be responsible for our own existence in the future.

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    Partha thanks for providing more details and as such what the NRC has said seems to be true. All along India has been taking after those people and now it seems to be burden some. Now more care should be taken as there are every chance of those illegal people may penetrate into the neighboring states of West Bengal and Bihar and that would create further stir in future as already Bihar has been facing unemployment problem and their people are going outside the state especially the south for the employment and therefore WB and Bihar cannot accept those people which is burden.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    First of all I would like to thanks for Ved Prakash for publishing this Kind of general question, so we can share our opinions regard to this and we can come out with so many solutions
    But it is not in our handle this can be done by our chief minister of state and our Prime Minister.

    By Determination one can Accomplish anything

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    Time and again the issue of people illegally crossing the barriers between countries is coming in limelight. This is not only a problem being faced by us but also it is happening in many countries.

    The basic problem is unavailability of a reliable citizen register and a unique citizenship number. There was an attempt in form of Aadhaar card but it also did not mature with the time.

    Now the present controversy is nothing new. It is the offshoot of our failure to create a strict and stringent governance for monitoring and maintaining the registry of citizens. Half hearted efforts will lead to nowhere.

    Political parties have got an opportunity to make hue and cry and everyone is trying to take mileage out of this situation of confusion and non-clarity in the data of residents in that part of the country.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Now after this there has been demand for the eviction of illegal stay by LTTE people in Tamil Nadu and they be sent to Sri Lanka. So one after other illegal occupants will be sent out.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    As expected this has gaining the momentum on communal politics & language politics as well. Wherein the TMC leaders have shown their agreement with those immigrants to allow as a residents in their state with a warning that this will even lead to the civil war, the Congress party is more or less confused on its stand with more terms & conditions adding onto their comments. We are going to evident of the below level politics soon which although has already started. The human rights activists like the John Dayal, is now seen being surfaced in the favor of illegal immigrants. We know that all those are distributed with the huge some of money so as to come with their musical tunings but it is very sad that they don't have any spaces for the migrated Kashmiri Pundits.

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    TMC under Mamata Banerjee has trying to project it as an Assamese-Bengali issue. But that is not the case. The agitation and subsequent action are against the Bangladeshi infiltrators who are destroying the rich culture of Assam and eating away the resources of the state.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Recently, after the world cup football, a tweet came from cricketer Harbhajan Singh. A thought-provoking, he says - "A small country like Croatia won the Football world cup and we are here playing "Hindu-Muslim" game.
    He means a lot in just a sentence.

    I am not here to defend myself or trying to support any religion or political parties. I am talking about a burning issue. As about Assam, those who talk about their culture will come in danger because of these migrate people, might be correct. However, the same people of Assam not long ago has killed so many Hindi speaking people and chased them out of the state those who were residing there and working labour class job. How and in what way they had invaded their "culture" is a subject we should discuss with the same broad mind too.

    Who is not a migrant? Most of us are !! It is different than we are into the country and migrated from state to state. If the statewide revolution comes out to send all the people to their belongings state, what will happen?
    No, it is not a different issue neither it is our internal issue, It is a politics which play inside our "educated " brain.

    It is easy to sit inside the ac room and debate, but can anyone have thought about those poor kids, poor woman and those people who work hard to live their life.

    Please don't mistake that I am supporting the "infiltration " I would never. I am talking about the situation when you chase these people like animals. What Government is doing absolutely correct, but let we don't become the remote control toys in the hand of some "secular" political party? Let this issue be solved with mature and sensitive way.

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    Look at the contrast here wherein the leftists went on saying that the India is getting more intolerant to the minorities & that the minorities are afraid for being in this country with goes on reminding with the reports of the human rights commission but in the current picture they find India as the democratic nation with unbiased attitude to the mankind of whatever basis & the immigrants should be given position here.

    Could we even imagine about how dirty, selfish & cheap quality their mind is? In the extreme of cases, the shameless politicians & the NGOs now coming together to work on their agenda.

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    All developed countries don't tolerate illegal immigration. If other countries don't allow even asylum or refuge then why should India who is already over populated. But this is all part of politics and end of day no one going to be deported but only suffered.It will better to strengthen border security so that it will not continue any more.
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    In the latest of updates, the Assam unit of Trinamool Congress, led by its president Dwipen Pathak, quit the party in protest against party supremo and West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee's aggressive stand on the draft. He is not happy with the provocative statements & so he justifies his stands saying, "the NRC is a fruit of long years of the struggle of the people of Assam against illegal immigrants from Bangladesh …"I will not accept anyone trying to malign the image of the state". He also went on to say that where the TMC chief was when Assam was reeling under floods this year. "No one came then, so why now?"

    Seems to be that the stands of the political parties are more clear now which is more political & this got nothing to do with the welfare of the illegal immigrants.

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    Illegal immigration is a common problem around the world. It is a burning question in American politics right from the time of the last Presidential elections. People thought President Trump had gone nuts when he spoke about constructing the great wall on the border. What a hue and cry it was and it still is. Only on last Thursday, President Trump has called for a major rehaul of immigration laws.
    Humanitarian grounds and political ambitions are attached to even the smallest of issues. This is a rather sensitive matter of highest security concerns for our country.
    We do not have the real facts and figures so it would be quite puerile on our part to come to any conclusion.

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