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    Why not try to restrict this too for men?

    A very recent thread of mine on the traditional attire of half sari generated a counter point as to whether we should not be bothered about what men wear. I guess the answer is a resounding "yes", at least when we talk about the casual wear of the younger generation.

    This happened at the post locality of Velacheri in Chennai. Near the bus station, there is a fairly big size mini supermarket on the Taramani road. The locality is full of IT professionals, a huge number of them are married and less than thirty. On a recent lazy Sunday, when a noticed a very tall young IT professional and his wife, they were discussing some software related issues even while shopping and were busy with a huge amount of purchase. This "touch and feel" and the friendly owners have made it a good location to shop.

    The man, possibly twenty seven was in shorts. He was so tall that the half pant looked quite horrible. His wife in jeans was constantly joking totally unmindful of anything around her. Two girls who had come for shopping were seen commenting about the man.

    Just outside, after their shopping, they met with someone whom they knew. This uncle was serious. He was well above seventy. He gently reprimanded the man, telling him that his attire is not acceptable. The woman kept mum.

    What can be done? I see hundreds of such guys everywhere in Chennai and Bangalore. Is it fine to wear this dress? How do we counsel them?
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    All that has to be done is to mind your own business and move ahead. You don't like something, don't do it yourself but don't force your own thinking of right on others.
    If it looks vulgar to you, call the cops.

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    I observed some of author's thread in recent past and he always have the habit of accusing IT people. Many non IT people also living in Velachery. Is it possible to judge the profession by just look at them?

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    There is no question of IT or Non IT It just happened that this man was from IT. I have no habit of accusing iT people. My own relatives are all in the iT industry, for your information. The issue is whether we should encourage this or not.

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    It's much better to mind our own businesses & keep going because even if we continue to follow of about what others say, we would even be criticized of something else. Only those have made to commenting on the things who got enough time in their lives & so sometimes they could be unstoppable. Better ignore them.

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    What I feel that selecting the dress or the attire is the pure discretion of the persons and we cannot comment nor say something against. I do agree with the fact that if a person is tall, he looks ugly with short trouser , but many people are shunning the pant culture and jeans culture, they are resorting to wearing half trouser or shorts . Even while going by train to long distance people are opting for shorts which looks awkward and ugly as the fellow women passengers has to travel with embarrassment and feeling shy to sit before the half trouser passengers. Only they must know themselves that their look is not acceptable in half trousers.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    You are telling about a tall 27 years person wearing shorts. But in Hyderabad, we see people of above 60 also roaming on the roads with shorts. Even many people visit the temples also with that shorts. This has become the order of the day. In olden days these shorts were only for boys going to Primary schools and Hign schools. But now the days are completely changed.
    We have no say in somebody's dressing style. If you don't like you need not dress like that. But we can't comment or control others. Even our children also may like this type of dressing only. It is better not to worry about these issues and continue our own journey is the best way, I think.

    always confident

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