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    Sir / Madam, we are offering free credit card to your doorstep!

    Few times back, I used to get only few of the calls but now a day, I have been receiving these calls from almost all the banks. Sometimes this even leads to the repetitive calls from the representatives of the same banks. I am not able to deny the same to the executives at once but often I feel irritated now that in their list of customers my name is again listed for making a call.

    Growing competition with a difficult target to achieve becomes yet another strategy by the companies to their marketing & the sales department. The companies are coming up with more attractive packages so as to complete their targets to the maximum possible. For me they are doing the same profile but in a different fashion & platform & therefore & instead of getting angry, we should opt for "Do Not Disturb" so as to not receive any unwanted calls.

    In addition to the above, what other options have you implemented so as to not receive any undesired calls?
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    Yes. These days everything made business. I was also getting these type of unsolicited calls from several companies, bank agents, etc. Usually I do enquiring how they get my numbers. They simply said collected from database. Then I scolded severely and told them not to do such practice in future for atleast my number. I have done this like 2 to 3 times and now I don't get such unsolicited calls.

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    These days this type of calls are increased. Minimum 10 calls a day are being received. Thanks to true caller facility. This will show these calls as spam calls. So many times I will not respond to such calls. But sometimes that spam indication will not come. Those calls I respond. There are some calls in Hyderabad from Real Estate Companies also. Banks, Credit card companies and other companies are also doing this type of marketing. Sometimes when we are in serious discussion these calls will disturb us.
    Sometimes I will be shouting at those people who disturb us. Sometimes I feel pity. They are doing their job as we are doing our job. They have to do a minimum number of calls per duty. So they will be doing that. They can't say anything to us even if we shout at them.
    Earlier days generally, only one call per bank is coming but nowadays as expressed by the author we will be receiving a number of calls from the same bank which will be really irritating us.

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