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    Why are our cities so bad on cleanliness?

    Cities like Chennai have hundreds of gated communities that are superbly maintained. They are very neat and the residents have a perfect understanding of how to dispose waste and so on. However, just outside these centers of urban wealth, why is that the city is absolute filth, with so much of garbage?

    Bangalore is simply beautiful. It is very neat when compared to Chennai. Hyderabad, one is told is very neat too. I have not been to Hyderabad in the recent past. But my friends tell me it is quite neat.

    What about other cities? Are there NGOs who are into the act? Can we do something through social action?The Corporation efforts in Chennai is totally inadequate.
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    I have seen recently Bangalore, Chennai and I stay in Hyderabad. Bangalore is the city which is neat than the other two. Chennai is the third in the list. Hyderabad some streets are maintained clean. But there are some areas which are really in a very shabby way. All the garbage will be on the roadside only. The residents will bother about their house only. Never think about outside the house. GHMC is doing a good work in collecting the waste from the houses and transporting it to the place where they are destroying the waste.
    The best city I have seen recently is Visakhapatnam. Each and Every street is clean and no waste on the roads. The beach road is really world class. So well laid and well-maintained road. You love walking down this road. Really a smart city and each and every corner road is also clean. A Small smart city on AP is Kakinada and here the cleanliness is very good. Roads are wide and well maintained.

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    It all depends on the local housing society and the civic authorities who are active in particular area. In fact in Hyderabad we see so much cleanliness around and very less areas were the slums are mostly concentrated, the garbage and cleanliness is not kept, thanks to the callous attitude of the locals there. When I was watching the news about Kaveri Hospital where the Kalaignar is being treated, the visit of supporters to the area is posing problems to the civic authorities as we could see so many news papers being torn and thrown on the roads, plastic plates, plastic cups, and chappals are scattered all over and no cleanliness done for obvious reasons. So what I mean to say that when over whelming public gathers at one place, the cleanliness cannot be expected but gated communities should have tie up with civic authorities to clear the garbage bin in time.
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    The accumulation of garbage at places is a big problem in modern times, in many countries, including our country.

    There are many reasons for this lack of cleanliness.

    The foremost is - we are creating more garbage then what we can remove and dump in the stipulated places.

    Another reason is we are not able to segregate it in the source which can help us in disposing it more effectively and even converting it to useful products like manure etc.

    Recycling is only possible when garbage is segregated at the source because once it is mixed then there is no way to benefit by it. Even recycling has its demerits like polluting the environment.

    Until unless these things are synchronised there will be deficiency in collection and disposal of garbage in our cities.

    The increasing use of disposables and inability to recycle the discarded materials is creating havoc on our roads and in our lanes.

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    I agree with the author the city is dirty.

    Let me share my experience based with my Gated Community. The picture looks rosy on the outside, but look at what it takes to maintain things. We pay a high maintenance cost for keeping the community clean. It's not residents who maintain cleanliness, they employ people to clean after them.

    We have dustbins placed all over the complex, and yet people litter. Just yesterday a resident posted pics, on the internal forum, of litter in one of the recreational rooms. In my tower, someone regularly throws kitchen waste onto the podium. Residents on lower floors complaint of diapers and sanitary towels being thrown from the floors above. Our STP often gets choked, because residents, despite numerous circulars, flush unwanted waste (read diapers, STs and other stuff) into the system. All this happens despite garbage being collected at the doorstep, twice a day.

    We have people urinating in the lifts and spitting phlegm. I can go on. This is an educated and affluent community, consisting mainly of IT professionals. People care only about themselves and keeping their homes clean.

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    Keeping premises and cities clean is not the task of only the municipal workers.

    Citizens and residents should contribute their bit to it otherwise things are not going to improve.

    It is the collective effort which can bring fruits in such community problems.

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    For any of the location or part of our nation, we can be evident of both types of scenario as mentioned by the other members. In fact & since long time we haven't been able to generate an understanding of carrying with the routine life without making use of the plastic bags. The lack of this small act clarifies more about ourselves about how irresponsible & careless we are towards our locality. We want our houses clean but just outside of this boundary we forget of almost everything of whatsoever. It's not the case that we got only negative things around but as this occupies the major space in our life & therefore the good things becomes negligible to our eyes.

    But hoping that someday we will realize our responsibilities & being raised to a platform to become an icon for others. We will have to lower our dependencies onto others & at the same time we need to take initiatives on our end to every possible causes which we are capable of to execute.

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    Because it's Not only our faults but also our Prime Minister. Because they need to provide dustbin in every street like in foreign country have. In foreign they are very strict .but our body is maintaining neither we nor our Prime minister
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    Keeping a city clean can be expected if every person living there think and take action to attain that. Of course there must be an authority like Municipalities or corporations in order to support the citizens. The waste is not always produced by the city dwellers alone. To every city thousands of visitors will be coming daily for something or other. Their share of waste also will be there. There are lodges and hotels which help increase wastes. In such cases the municipal authorities must see that they have facilities to mange the wastes.
    Roads and streets are to be cleaned by the municipal authorities or they must allocate these world to outside agencies.
    Waste will be generally of two types, biodegradable and non-biodegradable. Both must be separated and removed. From the houses also these are to be separately collected. Authorities must have facilities to manage these wastes in appropriate manner.
    In addition to all these every citizen must be conscious of this problem. They must be taking care of their own surroundings.
    Most important issue is the lack of self realization by most of the individuals regarding the necessity for keeping the surrounding clean.


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    I thank the author for bringing out this thread. All over India, the waste management scenario is poor. Few cities are there, which maintain their wastes in a proper way. Lack of strict rules may be the reason for this filth. In every locality, it is the job of the municipality to clear waste in time and the residents should cooperate with them to dispose off garbage. In many places there are no cooperation among the two.

    Let me describe the situation of my place in West Bengal where I am staying. In our housing complex , the garbage collection is not regular. The garbage collector comes three times in a week, which increases the woes of the residents. We requested the municipality many times, but to no avail. Another issue which is alarming is the presence of a small water body which is just outside the gate of our housing complex. The water body now has turned into a garbage dumping ground and people from everywhere throw their regular wastes there. Even many people inside our housing complex throw away their garbage inside that water body, paying no heed to our request or warning from municipality.

    Outside our area, even in Kolkata also I have seen people throwing garbage everywhere. They are less concerned about pollution and water logging. Water logging is a major problem in any city during rains and in my experience, from our area, I have found many people throw garbage in open drains that ultimately results in clogging.

    I would say awareness among people through different social organizations and NGOs are must and the government alone cannot do anything if the people in this country do not cooperate.


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    "Because it's Not only our faults but also our Prime Minister. Because they need to provide dustbin in every street like in foreign country have………. no body is maintaining neither we nor our Prime minister"

    How come the Prime Minister is responsible?

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    I say that it is 'We, the people' who are basically responsible for this sad state of affairs. We easily put the blame on the civic authorities for not managing the waste properly. But are we doing our bit? We throw garbage anywhere other than our own premises and then keep complaining about the garbage dump on the roadsides. I don't think there is any need for an awareness campaign as of now because we are already aware of the dangers being posed by such irresponsible disposal of wastes.

    I am of the opinion that people who throw garbage on the roadsides or any vacant areas need to be properly fined and jailed; there are laws to this effect. Let us not rely on the police or the administration alone; let us all wake up to facts and remain alert. We need to become responsible citizens so that our premises, streets, roads and other public places are kept neat and tidy. Education or position in the society does not make any difference, we need to have that basic civic sense.

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