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    Is it goodbye to games and sports in schools?

    The physical activity in most schools, particularly the games and sports, seems to be given the least importance. Of late, one notices that school children hardly have any time, and are put to too much stress.

    Parents also seem to be pushing them too harsh. Hindi classes, music classes and what have you, simply eats away all time, apart from the commuting issues. The so-called very good schools are always in the city center, adding to all the problems.

    How do we revive the interest in sports and games? Can we have some facilities that can encourage this at least on the weekends?
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    The main reason being, both parents and teachers give importance only for education and there is no place for games. They pressurise children only on studies and feel that games are a waste of time.

    Children are given a lot of home work and it takes away all their time. Also, most of the schools are located in the city center and there is no room for a play ground.

    Both the teachers and parents should understand that sports and games refresh the children's mind and make them more active. This also improves their concentration and coordination skills.

    Even sports and games teach them to mingle with others and help them develope good qualities and sportiveness among them.

    Sports should also be considered a compulsory period in the school time table atleast every two days.

    At home, parents should also allow children to play at out doors instead of just forcing them on school home work.

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    Even today in many government schools in Mandal headquarters and municipalities we will find a good playing ground with some facilities to play games and sports. There will be a Physical Director (PD) to train the students in the schools and weekly at least four periods are allocated for this. But how good the system is working is the question?
    In private schools, the playgrounds are not available and even trainers are also not available for training the students. They give more thrust on reading and writing in the examinations and getting good grades. Added to this parents want their children to study more and get good ranks only. So they will never encourage the children to spend some time in games and sports. So many children are not going to get trained in games and sports.
    What I feel is the government has to make games and sports compulsory in schools and colleges so that many people will get trained.

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    Who said sports and games are not given preference in schools. At least in Kendriya Vidyalayams or Army schools I am seeing school children enjoying their cricket, foot ball, hockey, basket ball, tennis ball and other games which are played regularly and every one can see these thing happening beside the main road. So private schools may not have the grounds and hence not showing interest to impart sports and games to the students, but central government schools are very much active and they take the children for district , state and national sports being held regularly and give importance to sports persons in the students.
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