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    Why is that there is so much talk about artificial intelligence now?

    Suddenly, the noise about artificial intelligence is so high. There are discussions on how robots will simply do all jobs. May be, even jobs related to agriculture.

    Since my background in IT is zero, the articles are Greek and Latin. Many do not even understand the fundamentals. What will happen if we have too many robots? After all, they are also machines. What will happen to maintenance issues?

    Members who know the technical details, may please provide some answers.
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    This is what going to happen in the future. The robot is far better than human, they will do their job unbiased, unlike the human who does their job after looking state/city/cast and religion and favour or disfavour accordingly. At least they will ask sorry genuinely if they do mistakes, unlike the human who because of their higher post and ego shy away to accept their mistake.

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    Though I am also not from IT field but given the experience and what I have been observing as happening could perceive that in future the robots are going to have the say for many reasons. The demand for hike in salary from professionals and techies were on the rise and also there is every danger for the company as the employees jump to other lucrative posts and thus they cannot program big projects keeping in view the current technical staff. And coming to robot and its advantages, please note that once programmed the robots can work in series and also seriously, without taking break nor man hour wastage. There need not be five days in a week work culture, even Sundays can be used to take job, no salaries, just one time investment and even the boss could take and give the command from the home on Sunday and therefore artificial intelligence are going to have their say in near future and we must be ready to brace up.
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    Robots are also machines. Like any other machines, these Robots are also will have some mechanical problems, software related problems and power supply problems. So the human interface is always required in maintaining these systems. But the number of employees required may be less. But definitely without employees, no artificial intelligence may work. But output from a single robot may be higher than an individual employee. But the initial expenditure in creating these robots may be high and capital expenses in the IT field also may increase with the introduction of these robots.
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    In my opinion, Artificial Intelligence will function better than the human mind. It will judge the surroundings and act accordingly. Let me give an example, while paying insurance premium for our vehicle, irrespective of our age and health conditions, all of us have to pay the same amount of money for the same vehicle model of same age. Will a 20 year old youth ride the same way as that of a person of 40 age? Who is more prone to accidents? Artificial Intelligence will take care of all these factors and decides the premium that need to be paid. It is just one example.

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    The talk isn't recent. The talk is as old as my father's age. Since 1970s people have been debating if robots will take over us. But recent improvements in AI softwares are being welcomed without a doubt. They are not a threat.
    But Sophia the humanoid robot and the Cleverbot are making us doubt ourself now. These robots are extremely talented. They can solve puzzles and interact with humans intelligently. This thing was unheard of before.
    The only thing these bots miss is "free will".
    And unlike what others make you believe, freedom cannot be gifted. So no matter how advance a bot gets, it cannot inherit a "will" because we ourselves can't scientifically explain a ton of stuff. We can never replicate the constant emotional run in our brains.
    But we can very well create mechanical humanoid superbots.

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